Which language would make you smile?

Well, the catalan spoken in menorca (a pretty island in spain), is really funny. They only use one article. So, if i spoke in catalan and i used only the unique article this folk use, i would do it quite well.

Although I enjoy learning French, I just very often can’t wait to start learning Japanese! (which I will do when I reach fluency in French)! Japanese speech and conversations sound so sweet to me! :slight_smile:

My native male Japanese university lecturers sounded so HOT!! ^^

Ahhh French, hands down. My heart flutters at the sound of it…

sure my goal (french)

I remember the first time I heard someone speak Korean. I was in this store that had items for hunting and camping. Me and a friend were going on a hiking trip during the weekend, so we were there to get some equipment. While we were looking at some butane gas cartridges I heard something familiar. At this point I had been studying Korean for only two months so I could barely make out anything. But without a doubt there was a Korean family standing behind me discussing what to get, and I could understand parts of it. My friend obviously noticed that I was just standing there grinning like an idiot. I tried to explain what was happening but it was kinda hard to describe the feelings and why hearing some random family conversation felt like winning the lottery.

Another time was when I watched Adventure Time and realized that Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean and that I could understand most of it. The excitement for such small things is what makes me enjoy language learning. It feels like I’m unlocking doors to understand more of the world. Even if it’s just understanding a rainbow unicorn creature on Cartoon Network.

French for me. I love the sound and flow of the language

That funny language people use when hurling really cracks me up. RIP Tosh!