Where to find good content to import

We are going to be adding some suggested resources so that members can find good sites to import content from more easily. We will be looking for your help in suggesting these resources to add for all languages. If you already know of a good site or if and when you find a good site, share it here in this thread and we will try to add links to these pages in the Import section for that language.

I know some of you use the Import section a lot and really enjoy it. We hope this will help all members get more out of the Import section. If you can start sharing these resources now, we hope to add these resources to the site later in the week or early next week.


Hi Mark, will members be able to add those links as well?

Hi Vera,

No, for now the links will be suggested here and we will add the best ones. If we can have up to 10 links per language, that will be great for most users.

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wikihow.com comes in a number of languages and offers a huge library of interesting how-to content. I have more information if you wish to email me about it.


For Spanish;

That’s if the owners of that site were to give Lingq permission to use some of their content.

Those both look like good sites. We don’t need permission if users are just going to import into their own accounts. It’s only when sharing lessons in the Library that you need permission. Here, we are looking for good sites for people to find content to import, copyrighted or otherwise. For instance, cnn.com or bbc etc…

Oh, sorry I’m still confused over the whole importing thing. I thought it was going to be set up like the Lingq lessons.

What we’re looking for here is mostly sites with text only which will be good for people to import. If there is audio too, that is a bonus. Audio only is not relevant here.

In Japanese

video and transcript

In English

Some of the news and interviews is provided with audio and transcript. Recently I often import some of the news and interviews and listen and read at LingQ.

video and transcript. This is my favorite one.
Daily shows except Saturday and Sunday.

audio and transcript. Weekly talk show about high tech.

Hope this helps.


Could you use ChinesePod’s API so that people can import content here and learn it?

We’ll look into ChinesePod.

I don’t know whether we will integrate with their API but if members wanted to import and share some ChinesePod dialogues with proper attribution, is that something that CP allows? Or, would their stuff by copyright and strictly something users can import for themselves?

History and politics:


Photography: I have a lot of nice sites I go to, but most of them are pretty heavy on images, and lighter on the text, so it was hard to find suitable ones.

For humor:

This is a collection of articles which were deleted from wikihow because they were not meant seriously. Some are pretty funny. May or may not be useful to those who want to get some exposure to casual phraseology.


Another possible site for humor would be uncyclopedia, though that one may be overrun with the raunchier offerings, and it would be hard for a novice to know which is which, perhaps.

Whether or not that particular site is good, I am throwing the humor option out there as it may lead others to think of suitable sites which the LingQers might find enjoyable. I don’t spend a lot of time in the English library, so I am not entirely sure what kinds of articles we might already have in there.

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ChinesePod stuff is protected by copyright: Start Learning Mandarin Chinese Today! | ChinesePod

“All materials available through this website are the property of Praxis Language or its licensors, and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws”

One exception, though, see footnote:
*ChinesePod lessons 1-1127 only: MP3 lesson content is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported license."

Aesop’s fables in English.

Many other books, listed by author including but not limited to the Wizard of Oz books, Jack London, Mary Shelley, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, and my favorite, P G Wodehouse. Plus a number of inaugural addresses and speeches by US presidents.


All are public domain books, all are divided nicely into chapters and would be fairly easy to copy and paste, which you will do by chapter, and not by page.

Reading further at the PageByPageBooks site, I see that they do apply a copyright to what they have done with the books after publication and they claim to sometimes have altered the text a bit. Definitely okay for a personal library, may be a bit trickier for those who wish to share this content, but perhaps permission could be obtained.

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A good insight into Grammar is given by the [language].about.com websites. I’ve looked at Swedish and German, ie


Thanks everyone for suggesting places to find content! I’ve added some suggested resources for each language, but it’s tough to find good content for some languages (especially considering I don’t speak most of them!). Ideal suggestions will include quality text that people can import and read.

Keep the suggestions coming, and please let me know if any of the resources that I added are not useful!

The Simple English wikipedia is useful for learners.