Where are you?

Hi everyone! I live in Shiga, Japan. Where are you now? nobuo

I am in West Vancouver, Canada.

Are you near lake Biwa? I know your area and have visited there many times. We used to sell wood to Sekisui House who have a large factory in Shiga.

I am in Madrid, Spain. But I am Japanese, I am not Spanish. I came here in 1988 at first time for study Spanish during 2 years, and at second time, I came here in 1991 for stay here. I have never been in Shiga neither Canada. I think both of them have a lot of nature and have special beauty.

Hello Nobuo, Steve, and Yasuko.
I live in west Tokyo. I have been to a factory in Shiga but that’s about it.
I did not go to lake Biwa. I went to Kusatsu. Anyway, that was 3 years ago.
I have never sold wood.


Hi everyone! It takes only 5 minutes from here to the Lake Biwa by car. Lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Jpapan. It’s big! Steve, one of my relatives works for Sekisui House in Shiga. Yasuko, living in Madrid sounds interesting. Keith, I never lived in Tokyo. It costs too much, but I believe Tokyo is a exciting city. Take a look my pictures in my flickr. You can see my village and tatami rooms. They are my guest from all over the world. They stayed at my farm house for fun.
I’ve offered them the experience of staying Japanese house. I quit the homestay offer about ten years ago, beause of my job. But it was my good memory. nobuo


I’m Radoslaw from a small town called Hildesheim in Germany. Radoslaw is a very unusal name for a German you think? Well, I’m originally from Poland. And I’m happy the “anti-Europe and we are the best” party lost the elections in Poland last sunday by quite a margin.
Nice fotos Nobuo btw. I’m really fascinated by the Japanese culture. I should visit your beautiful country one day. Until then we can talk to each other on Skype :slight_smile:

Nices pics there.

I’m from a small bunch of tiny rocks in the Pacific Ocean called New Zealand, residing on the North Island.

Hi, everyone! I am Heidi and living in Canada. The city I am staying now is the home of RIM. You might know it, but you probabaly know blackberry. Anyway, nice to meet you here.

Hello everybody. I am a Brit currently living in Paris. I have recently moved from a 10 square meter room in the 16th arrondissement to in a place three times as big in a less exclusive region of Paris for the same rent. That is Paris for you!

I hope to get to know you all better in the future and good luck with whatever language (s) you are studying.


Hi, everybody!

I´m Sandra and I live in Brazil (Campinas, just 80 km from Sao Paulo). I´m Brazilian but my grandparents came from Japan … I hope one day I can visit this amazing country. The only place I know among all these mentioned above is Paris, where I spent my last vacation.

I am from Turkey but I want to live USA so I must improve my english.

Hi !!

i’m from south of Brazil, a city called Curitiba. Im here learning to speak English. =)

tks !!!

Hi, everybody!

I’m Sasha. I’m from Russia. But my actual origin can be hardly identified. Though I was born in Russia and have Russian citizenship I have ancestors from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Germany (these are what I’m sure about).

I live in a very beautiful city called Saint-Petersburg. This city used to be a capital of the country and it may be said that every stone here has its own history. Now it’s the most “European” and cosmopolitan Russian city.

I’m happy to meet all of you here and I hope that our communication will be pleasant and useful.


Hi , friends…I’m sourabh upadhyay from India…well this is the day of Diwali here…A most important festival of india…so a very happy diwali to all of u…well friends i am 21, pursuing my B.Tech in CSE from Jammu…a beautiful place in india…well i joined this community because i have some sort of problems in english speaking…listening , reading & writing is good , but when it comes to speak sometimes i do well & sometimes i don’t…i want to remove my this habit…i want to be a fluent english speaker who can attract audience through his speech…

i think this idea of joing the online community will help me severly to improve my english …any suggestion regarding this are welcome …byeee

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Hi everyone

I’m from Mexico, I’m Sergio, 25 years old

The same as you I’m here to learn english and also if it is possible to make friends, do not hesitate to ask me things you all want to know about Spanish

Looking forward to your replay

Hi everybody
I’m from Hong Kong , I wanna meet friends to communication to improve my english . my e-mail address is sunsun910@hotmail.com
welcome to chat with me

Hi everybody
It´s my first time here…I´m from Brasil, São Paulo
I want to be able to understand well english when I person talk to me…for me this is more complicated…

hello, my name is Rosane Palmeira, I am brazilian. I live in Rio de Janeiro, I am Carioca =]. I’m teacher and I love to draw…
My english is terrible! xD… hehehehe
i need a help! xD… aushaushaushuas

in here I learning to speak inglish and japanese

I think that’s all…

help me >>> palmeira.rosane@hotmail.com

bye bye ^^

Hello, I’m from Portugal. I’m a student and I’m currently learning German and Spanish. And trying to improve my English as much as I can :smiley: Just wanted to make my introduction. Good luck!