Where are you?

Hi everyone,

I´m in Lima, Perú (the country when is Machupicchu). My English was really good!, but someone need to practice a language again and again or the adquired skills get down, that´s why i´m here! to practice my English!!! i´d love to have partners to talk and write, it isn´t important which is your current level. I´m a medicine student at San Marcos University and a teacher for benigner learners of medical English. I´ve travelled a lot for many countries in South America, but i could´nt arrive to another continent so far. I really love Brasil and its people!!! it´s an beautiful country, and i want to spend a part of my life living there or in Cuba, when i live some years ago. I can´t forget Canada!!! wonderful!, i´m thinking of begining with the French the next year. Mi msn: mi_refugio_@hotmail.com write me!!!

wow. cant believe it. so many people have posted before me, and i’m the first one from usa? i’m currently living in st. louis, missouri.

i’ve been using the linguist method (more or less) in studying mandarin chinese on my own and am currently hanging around waiting for the chinese lingq to be launched. :o)

Hi everyone!
I’m from Poland. I learn English by myself from scratch.
At school I have German only and there’s no way to learn English
at my school instead of learning English by myself at home

I’d like to improve my English language skills, and I’m looking for
people to talk with me from all over the world.

skype: lizard_1982

Hi. I’m marizete. I’m begin leran English. I’m from Brasília. Brazil.

hi everyone…
i’m from malaysia
i’m new here and want to improve my communication skills in english

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m from in Qatar in Arabin Gulf ^^

I hope all of you vist my country :smiley:

hiii ! how are you? i come from the end of france. is anybody from California or Florida? i’m waiting for your answers !!! See You !!

hello everyone ;
im from the Middel east- Jordan
i’m new member willing to improve my comunication skils

hello everyone ;
im from the Middel east- Jordan
i’m new member willing to improve my comunication skills

hello everyone ;
im from the Middel east- Jordan
i’m new member willing to improve my comunication skills

Hi. I’m from the United States. I’m from Florida Elodie.

Hı evebody, I am from Turkey, I would like improve my English skills… would you help me
what can I do this matter? speaking English is diffucult and complicated for me

Dear everyone,

having read all your input I would like to introduce myself also. I am Nicole and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. By my activities on this site I would like to improve my language skills as I study Dutch at University. Surprisingly, studying Dutch at a University in the Netherlands leads to reading in English, French, German, Latin and Japanese. Therefore, I am making a start here in learning French while using the English language.
To all of You: great improvements soon!


Hello everybody.
I’m Frances Hannah, from Manila,Philippines. I have just signed up on LingQ today as I want to learn the French language. I took up some French language subjects back in 1997-98 during my university days, and I fell in love with the French language! I am hoping that this time, through LingQ, I could improve my French language skills.

Hi! I’m from Poland but my heart is in England. I’ve been learning English for about 6 years and I’m quite good at it. I love English culture and that’s why I’m learning English now, not as you may think to earn money there.
I’d like you to write to me, maybe we’ll find something in common:)

hi, im from Lithuania my friends. my country isnt big, but all people like the best sport in a world basketball. I`m very happy to talk with u, cause i wanna live in USA n paris is very beauty city :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m from Russia, and you???

Hello everyone,

I’m Jason and I live in the USA, in the state of Georgia. I am studying French and hope to become skilled enough at listening comprehension to begin studying a new language soon.