When is Lingq 5.0 coming out?

When is Lingq 5.0 coming out? What new features can we expect?


I’ve been wondering too. I would imagine around November December!
I hope the update includes 2 things.

  • Better way of organizing courses and lessons. For example when I import a book into LingQ. I would like to have Course named “Books” and within that course an easy an intuitive way to see all of the books I have imported.
  • A Night Reading mode that isn’t just a completely Black background with white text, but instead a gray background and some other colors to choose from. Kindle has a very good looking night mode on their app!

what happened to the three months three and a half months ago


Every time somebody asks how to cancel their membership and Zoran would do it manually, I imagine the scene where Zoran goes to the server room and pulls out some wire.
It’s may be the case now too. Developers have finished their work long ago, but we have only one Zoran to relocate physically all of our data idk from Belgrade to Toronto? :slight_smile:

Noone knows yet, does knowing when it comes out make it come out faster?

There was no promise of having 5.0 ready now, 3 months 3 and a half months ago. Last post that I saw from Mark said they were going to stop promising a specific delivery date, (they decided to change course and rebuild the entire thing from scratch) but that the beta apps would be ready in 3 months. The android and ios beta app have been available for a month now and the beta web is, or is almost ready (it was posted for volunteers a few days ago I think). So seems they are on track with what mark said 3 months ago.


Any updates?


I just hope this long wait doesn’t raise our expectations beyond what the Lingq team is planning… Because I expect (or hope for) a massive change…


I’m sooo looking forward. AppStore is not maintaining my extremally old iPhone 5c anymore, I had to buy a new one and decided to gave a shot to an android smartphone of Xiaomi. Selecting and adding custom phrases in LingQ isn’t working on those devices, what a luck!

Web beta version of LingQ 5.0 will be available very soon and everyone interested will be able to join the beta and use the new version, before it’s officially released. We will post more about it on the forum soon. It’s getting closer! I know you guys are impatient, but we are too! :slight_smile:


That is working on the beta Android version by the way. You should give it a try and give us feedback about creating custom phrases.

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Where can I get on board?

You can send an email to LingQ Support < support (at) lingq.com> and request to join the beta. There are still bugs, though. The Android and iOS betas have been out for a while being tested. The Web beta came out just yesterday and is now being tested. Until all the kinks are worked out I do not believe any of the 3 editions will go live. So I suggest not joining the beta group unless you are willing to deal with bugs and willing to report and comment on issues, etc.

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Sounds like once I join the beta group, I would be enslaved to report on issues, until I’m completely exhausted, and then tortured by bugs.

Are there any other opinions about what would be the cost of my life after I join the beta group?

Not sure if you’re joking or not, but the beta versions are pretty good, with some issues of course, but otherwise they are perfectly usable, and I would argue, better than the production version already.


No. Sorry if my post was a bit too strong. You’ll be fine joining the beta.

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LOL. No cost. You take as much pain as you want (hopefully no pain). The purpose of the beta is to find issues and report them. You live with the bugs if you can, but you are not stuck. You can roll back to the old versions on the apps if you’re not able to work effectively. I had to do so myself after I reported a few bugs, because ultimately I couldn’t get what I needed done, but I’ll be right back for the next version to give it a shot and report anything I see. Hopefully the kinks I had issue with will be resolved enough that I can stay on the app full time. It’s possible even that some of the issues I saw were taken care of with some “server side” changes in the meantime, but I haven’t had the time to investigate again.

On the web it’ll be easier since they have a separate link. You can try it and if things aren’t working well for you, or you’re not in a mood to see any bug you can just go to the old link. easy peasy.


Thank you guys, I’ve emailed the support team.
I was joking, you don’t think that I’m asking, because the torturing is a common way of beta testing in Russia, do you? :slight_smile:

I’m already in the Android beta testing group on Google Play and it says my app is up to date but only on version 4.9.21. Did I miss something or has it not been released on there yet?

The same thing that happened to adding new languages. Subscribers are allowing this to happen. LingQ is a business and too many on here seem to have forgotten that. You want them to take action and actually keep up their end of the agreement then stop subscribing there are plenty of language study products available. Maybe once enough people cancel their membership they will get the idea to actually run this like a business. A few weeks or even months delay is understandable but it is now more than a year and the company just keeps pushing it further down the road and subscribers are letting them.

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