When is Lingq 5.0 coming out?

Try to find an alternative. There aren’t any usable alternatives. They are making progress. The new version is in beta now. And it is looking good.

And he only has one wheelbarrow to do so the poor guy.

I hope that the LingQ sayings will be added to.
There are some good ones, such the one about teaching a bear to use LingQ.
But some new fun sayings would be good too.

I’m not even sure what the new version is going to do different. Maybe the same thing but slightly better. If you’re not happy with the current version you probably won’t be so happy with whatever new version comes out. I think someone else pointed this out too but when it comes to learning a language through extensive reading, there really aren’t any other apps focused on this. God knows why. The alternative is basically using a web browser to read books using an extension to look up words instead. Or maybe a kindle with a foreign language dictionary. Not terrible options but LingQ offers a nicer reading experience than that I think for people that have to look up a lot of words. Even if the interface could use a graphical makeover.

There are alternatives that do what lingq does. However, I don’t think any of them are better than lingq. They all have their problems.

I have been using the beta 5 for a couple of months. Based on the way I use the web version, I don’t think the new version is any more useful than the current. Lots of small improvements and the initial screen looks nicer. But since I mostly read ebooks, it’s functionality is about the same.

I also use the android version and the only huge improvement there for me is that in sentence mode translation of large sentences works!! This was always an issue for me in the current version. Again, many small improvements and a flashier look, but functionality-wise the only improvement for me is the sentence translation.

I know other users will be happy with some of the other improvements as they use the program differently than I do. But this is my opinion based on how I use the program. However, I am looking forward to the addition of other languages that are currently not available.

I have searched the web for alternatives and although there may be other possibilities, they really are way behind LingQ, so I don’t think LingQ actually has any real competition. I agree that if you don’t like the current version you likely won’t be happy with the new version, either. But as I said, I don’t see anything as good as or better than LingQ. If it is out there it is well hidden as I have searched.

I’ve been using the beta for a couple of months and they are constantly fixing all the little issues. It is working quite well now. I would expect them to release it soon - maybe January or February. I am just speculating based on the progress I’ve seen, but don’t hold me to it if it takes longer.

5.0 was released today on the iOS App Store on my devices. Sadly, they’re not recognizing that I have lifetime Premium for Swedish. Support contacted.

5.0 doesn’t seem to be displayed on my Mac desktop via Google Chrome. I log in and out but it still looks like the same as previous version.

I replied on your email. Please take a look. Thanks!

@Lindqvist9 For now, we released app versions only, the website version is still in works.

For both android and iphone?

ahhh… yeh I thought it looked like the new version on my phone.

@jbfan88 It’s actually only iOS at the moment, but Android should follow soon too.

I also have lifetime, will I have issue like this soon on android? Hopefully not! Thank you for your great service. :smiley:

@joaquinsy There is no issue, if you see “Upgrade to Premium” popup banner, just close it. That’s because system see the difference between Premium and Lifetime. You can just close it and ignore it. :slight_smile:

When will this be?

Android should be released next week.

I am also interested if there will be the asian scripts support for android as well with LingQs 5.0

Hey Zoran, maybe you can pass this along to the Android team. I posted this in another update thread but didn’t get a response. After the most recent update (321), moving lingqs to learned/known on Android usually doesn’t save. If you move a word to known then exit the lesson (or even just refresh the current page of the lesson), the lingqs that were moved to learned/known are turned yellow and moved back to their original status. It doesn’t happen for statuses 1-3, only 4/known. I’ve tested it on both a Samsung Tab A6 and a Pixel 5.