What to do When Translations are Misaligned?

When we use sentence by sentence (sentence view), sometimes those sentences’ translations are not aligned. Which means that the translation I have below the sentence belong to the previous sentence.

I have one lesson, right now, that behaves like that on iOS. I went afterwards to the web-app and it is aligned properly but when I use it on iPhone it is not.

I tried to close the app, from the background as well, and open it again but it didn’t change anything. I tried to refresh but nothing. The translations are always misaligned.

Is there something that we can easily do when this happens?
Is it a cache problem? What problem is it?

Just in case you ask, this is the private lesson: https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/es/web/reader/29027600

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Thanks, we’ll look into that.


Hi @davideroccato !
As far as I can see - the problem here is likely in the lesson itself. Somehow there was created an empty paragraph, which should not happen normally I believe. Deleting this empty paragraph (#58 in the Lesson Editor) should handle the further translation shift on iOS.
Anyway, it would be good to inspect how this happened. Could you please send (e.g. in a private message or to denys.bielov.qa@gmail.com) the link to the source file you imported from?


@Denys_B Another user was also mentioning this or a similar issue recently.


The link to the lesson with the problem I posted in the previous post is not working. Here is a good link: Login - LingQ It’s a private lesson, text generated with whisper.

There are no blank paragraphs in the lesson.


@Denys_B it worked. By eliminating that paragraph the alignment was corrected on iOS as well. Thanks for the tip.

I sent you an email with all material for that problem and another problem that could be related.