What Podcasts Would You Like to See in the LingQ Library?

Hey guys,

We’re reaching out to lots of podcasters right now trying to get more awesome content in the library. My question to you is what are some of your favourites? We have a list, but I’m sure there are some we’ve missed.

The languages we’re after: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, Polish and Greek.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:


For Portuguese: Língua da Gente at https://linguadagente.coerll.utexas.edu
Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese (iTunes)

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WDR Hörspiel Speicher for German

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Unfortunately German Radio Stations give no permission. I’ve asked them several years ago. Especially with audio plays there is a huge problem, because all the involved people have to be asked and give permission (regarding European copyright laws). The radio station, like in this case WDR, have only the permission itself to broadcast itself. Additionally you’ll not find transcripts. I’m sorry, I’ve tried a lot in the past, but nothing in this way worked.


For Italian all Italian podcasts which are on www.podclub.ch, especially podcast Al dente PodClub - Klubschule Migros

For Spanish also from www.podclub.ch - podcast A mi aire PodClub - Klubschule Migros,
There are some epizodes of this one in the library but many are missing yet.


For French:


News in Slow French
Journal en francais facile
One thing in a french day
Francais Authentique


Du Grain à moudre
Transfert Slate.fr


RFI Grand Reportage
RTL Les Grosses Têtes

I have just noticed someone added the remaining lessons of A mi aire to the library.

Another good Spanish podcast is Spanish Podcast Net https://www.spanishpodcast.net and there are also missing many epizodes of this one in the library.

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For Dutch (or perhaps I should say Flemish, but I haven’t got good enough to tell them apart yet), I vote for Radio Taalblad. There only seems to be 15 episodes on the iPhone podcast widget, produced at a rate of about one a year as far as I can tell, but they’re at a comfortable pace for a non-native.

For when I get better at it, Memento21 seems like it is full of content that I would enjoy, though it is too advanced for me at the moment.

For Portuguese, there are already some of the BrazilianPodClass up on LingQ, which are great, but I’m not sure how keen they would be on licensing out more, since they’re effectively one of your rivals in the ‘learn Portuguese on the internet’ market. And yet again, NerdCast sounds like it is going to be interesting content, but currently somewhat out of my reach.

Likewise any of the ‘News in slow ____’ that I’ve heard have been good, but are rival paid services. I’ve enjoyed a few of the Italian ones, but as far as I can tell they only ever made one episode in Portuguese.

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News in slow Italian would be great to have here in the library.

I would love to see more Koran podcasts! On a variety of interesting topics. Politics, Baseball, History. If I come up with specific suggestions, I’ll post them, but mostly I just want to encourage this effort! :slight_smile:

One I would like to see is 야자수. Also, MLB Nation.

Re:Spanish Podcasts:
I would love to see all or most of the podcasts from Radio Ambulante on LingQ - they are very interesting, generally, brief enough to make worthwhile lessons, and excellent examples of natural Spanish from speakers around Latin America.
Another excellent choice would be Buenos Dias America from Voice of America - excellent and varied 30 minute news broadcasts in clear and articulate Spanish. Both of these are a bit beyond by current ability to easily understand, so, having them available on LingQ would be unbelievably helpful.

Thank you for your consideration and thank you for LingQ - it’s the best language resource and most effective tool for language learning I have ever found and I truly appreciate having access to something so useful at an affordable price.

Best Wishes,



For Korean… In order top to bottom for me… but this would be great. Thank you for working on this. Out of curiosity, what is the main difficulty in doing this? I assume it is getting transcripts, as many podcasts are just live shows?

굿모닝FM 노홍철입니다
KBS 무대 - Has transcripts online (KBS 무대 | 디지털 KBS)
송은이&김숙 비밀보장

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I have started adding some of these manually but it is a real pain. If the LingQ team could load them (and keep them updated with new episodes), that would be awesome.

Swiat w Trzy Minuty (http://www.trzyminuty.com/) is a short podcast with transcripts included.
Nauka XXI wieku (although I’m not sure if they have transcripts available on the website).

This website (http://cienciaes.com/) has about a dozen different podcasts with transcripts included.


Also: Portugueses no Mundo on Antena1: Portugueses no Mundo - Informação - Notícias - RTP

My favorite English language podcasts (native level)

The Nerdist.
How did this get made?
W T F with Marc Maron
This American Life
Fresh Air
How I built this
Planet Money
Smodcast with Kevin Smith

My favorite English Podcasts for English Language Learners (basic to high intermediate)

BBC 6 minute English.
VOA learning english. Podcast - VOA - Voice of America English News

Podcasts in Spanish
Radio Ambulante
News in Slow Spanish

Can anybody recommend more Podcasts in Spanish with high quality storytelling like This American Life, or interesting interviews like Fresh Air, or comedy talk like Marc Maron— but hopefully from Latin America?

I’ve tried to browse using Google Play app but I’ve come up fairly empty


In French:
Radio voyageurs
Le rendez-vous tech

Really learn Portuguese (this podcast would be perfect for lingq, it’s very interesting and only in Portuguese)
Portugueses no mundo
Practice Portuguese (its in European Portuguese)

Radio ambulante

Le rendez-vous tech
LSD, La série documentaire - by franceculture
Aujourd’hui l’histoire - by ICI Radio-Canada Première