What podcasts in english do you listen to regulary?

Hello everyone,

A quick poll, what are the 5 podcats/videocast in english you listen to most often?


  1. ESLpodcast
  2. Larry king live podcast
  3. Power point - Jack Graham
  4. The public speaker ( quick and dirty tips)
  5. Mark & Steve ( LingQ)

Effortless English pod
Cnn Student news
AC 360
Wait Wait don’t tell me (NPR)

BBC Grammar Challenge
In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg
The Way with Words
Splendid Speaking
BBC Talk About English
Vanessa Feltz Radio Show (BBC London)
6 minute English

Hello “a bunch of noise”! BBC is a great place for finding interesting podcasts !!! I like BBC Grammar Challenge, BBC Talk About English, 6 minute English , Too!!

Don, AC 360 , is a great podcast…

The trouble with good podcast is that they are too many. The some applies to BBC and NPR podcasts which in my humble view are the greatest sources. One better than the other actually. Unfortunately our time is quite limited. One should set preferences and as far as mine are concerned I subscribe only to those which appear not too often. Once a week fits me.

ESLPod: after 9 months this podcast becomes easy for me, but when I drive with my car, podcasts should be very difficult, because I have to watch the traffic, so I like to hear it while commuting.
BBC - 6 minute English
BBC - Talk about English
Listen to English

VeraI, I’m not familiar with Ponscast , I’m gonna check on it.Thanks!

HI Winicios, you find it on http://www.ponscast.de/
It is produced for a German site but with native speakers from the states and from britain. Unfortunately there is no transcript but I like to listen to this podcast. On the website are more podcasts than in the rss-feed.

Oh, above I wanted to write that podcast should NOT be difficult when I hear them while driving with my car!

BBC Global News Highlights
You Look Nice Today — is very fun.

I regularly listen to ‘Business English Pod’. They give a lot of useful tips to improve your english.
You do need all the vocabulary they use to express yourself in certain situations.

I also listen to Business English Pod. There is no doubt that there are a lot of useful tios and practical phrases. But, I don’t know why, after while I listen to it, I always start feeling sleepy and finally I drop to sleep. Does it happen to you, vinbelgium?

I’m a premium member of Business English Pod, but after a while I lost interisting.

I think the content of the BEP is very good, but it’s boring the presentation.
It’s curious, there is a lot of English learning podcasts that induce me a sleep despite of their good contents.
I put “English Café” of ESL podcast for sleep. After 7 minutes late, always I fall in sleep profoundly. Don’t get me wrong, I love “English Café”, but…
Maybe it’s due to the type of voice of Jeff?

Haha! I don’t fall asleep when I am listening. Mostly I listen when I am cycling or doing some household chores.
Normally I also listen to the ‘BBC World Service’ when I am in my room. It’s more some kind of background radio, but I still absorb the language though.

Yasuko, it took me sometime to get used to Jeff’s voice. I found it a little bit annoying in the beginning.
The problem, with English Café, I think, is that while some topics are interisting that are a lot of others boring ones.

Hi there, I just discovered the British Council Podcasts. There is one for “elementary”, one for “business”, another one is called “poems and stories”. I personally prefer the “themes” podcast. And the best: they have transcripts on their site as well :slight_smile:
Look here: http://www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish-podcasts.htm

I like to listen manager tools.com. There give many advices about career and management skills.

  1. Common Sense, with Dan Carlin
  2. Global News, BBC World Service
  3. The Economist
  4. The New Yorker Outloud
  5. NPR Foreign Dispatch Podcast

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