What is the bookmarklet and LingQCentral

I was just asked on my wall by an experienced LingQer what the bookmarklet was used for. I imagine there are others who don’t know as well.

It is for the quick import of content from the web into LingQ. Here is a link to the page at the LingQCentral Blog.


We just added the Import Bookmarklet to the site. This bookmarklet allows you to highlight and import any text on the web and import it into your LingQ account with 1-click. Just drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar, then when you find a good piece of content highlight the text you want to import, click the bookmarklet and the text will open up as a lesson on LingQ. It’s that simple! Happy LingQing!

When in doubt about anything go to the LingQCentral blog and search and you will often find a useful explanation.


I am using Firefox 21, and the bookmarklet doesn’t seem to do anything. I’d like to use it, but it’s not very urgent.

The bookmarklet is the best bit!

@ creimann - I find that on some websites, the bookmarklet does not work. I don’t know why it works on some and not on others. Remember that you also need to select text before clicking the bookmarklet to import that text.

@creimann - I just checked in Firefox 21 and it seems to be working properly. If it doesn’t work on the first click, try clicking it again. As ColinPhilipJohnstone mentions above you will need to select text before clicking on the Import Bookmarklet in order to import the text as a lesson.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - The next time you notice this, would you make a note of the page and the section of text you are trying to import? This would be very helpful in figuring out if there are any issues with the Import Bookmarklet.

I remember it did not work on the German frequency lists given on this website


I am using a Mac. I don’t know if that’s a factor. I don’t think I have anything turned off. Flash, Java, I think they are all on. I would like to use elpais.com to make mini-lessons. I have attempted to highlight, then use the button. I get an option to choose the language, and then I am left in a kind of limbo. Anyway I’m sure it will gradually get better. It’s not a big deal. Actually I like to cycle text through a plain text processor first, to eliminate extra formatting.


One line on that list is
John Major (2 words)

another is
Werder Bremen

Hence, it’s more than 10k words in technical terms, which is the limit for a lesson here.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - It looks like the Bookmarklet doesn’t work when trying to import directly from a .txt file. Instead, it is designed to import text from HTML web pages. For text documents like this you will need to import them manually. The alternative (which may be more steps, I don’t know…) is to paste the lists into the body of an email, open the emails in the web client then use the Import Bookmarklet from there. With this scenario it should work properly.

@creimann - I tried this in Firefox and didn’t seem to have any issues importing one of the articles: http://screencast.com/t/NHSW53hXbt4H
Are you by chance selecting a different portion of the text or some other section of the page?

@creimann - I think I know why it isn’t working for you. It sounds like your browser is blocking 3rd party cookies. If this is the case, you can either allow 3rd party cookies or add www.lingq.com as an exception.

Oh, I bet that’s it. Okay, thanks. :slight_smile:

Wow, the bookmarklet is great. I decided to accept third-party cookies just to see if it helps, and it’s really a great way to read.

@creimann - Glad to hear it! It really is a great little tool isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Yes, it makes getting down to work faster, so one will be a bit more impulsive about it!

@ alex - I am unable to import the lyrics to this song using the bookmarklet.


I get the message

‘Select text to import before clicking the bookmarklet.’

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - I’m not sure why this doesn’t work, but I imagine it has something to do with the way they display the text on the page. Notice even when copying and pasting it normally, it adds a link at the bottom of the copied text. I’m not sure if there is anything we can do to fix this, so for now I would recommend importing text from this site manually.


my import bookmarklet doesn’t work anymore. I can choose the language but after clicking import, nothing happens (no loading process, no error message), both in firefox and chrome.
It used to work fine on most websites.

Any advice?

@Domas - I just tried and it seems to be working properly for me. Which page are you trying to import text from?

amazon.co.jp, euronews.com for example, even the lingq.com-Forum doesn’t work. The bookmarklet did well on all of these websites. My browser just shows that it is loading something for a short period of time, like 2 seconds, then nothing happens.

Is anyone else having issues importing lessons using the Import Bookmarklet?

@Domas - I wonder if deleting it from your bookmarks bar and readding it may help with this. Also, would you be able to open up the Error Console on Chrome or Firefox after trying this to see if any errors show up? You can find instructions on how to do that on this page: Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome