What is really important in the life?

Hi! How are you? I´m few confused. My restlessness or problem is no know: what is my objet in the life? What is really important in the life? What do you think for this?
I think that the most important in the life is to know all the fells what can exist: happiness, sadness, anger, hatred, love, and so on.
I hope for your answers and suggestions.
Bye. I hope you enjoy this thread! Greetings.
Yours truly,
Luciano Cánepa from Agentina

I´m in the level “Beginner 2”. I want to practice whit someone my English. If you want chat for mi to practice, this is my email:

Hi Luciano,
good job, opening up a thread for conversation about the great issues of life! My personal object in life is to let none of it go to waste. Therefore I intend to enjoy every bit of it, be it pleasure or hardship.
I hope you have a wonderful learning experience here at LingQ!

Hi at all! I again.
Do you think that our lifes were done for nothing more work? I’m receivable from electromechanical engineer and I´m seeing what all in the live is the job, not know the world or enjoy of the thing wonderfull into this world.
Do you believe this?
Each time we have less time to enjoy with friends, family, couple, etc. And we are all the time in the computers, job, factorys, etc.
I apologize if I am a bit heavy with this issue. At another moment I would put more festive.
Bye. I hope you have a great day
Luciano Cánepa

I agree with you Luciano.
It does seem like we spend most of our time working to pay bills and what time is left over, we are too exhausted to enjoy. All these things were are supposed to have to enjoy, cars, houses and possessions amount to a lot of stress.


@lucianocanepa, ever heard of the Son of God/ Hijo de Dios? I think everything, also the least works, is not without any value. So you cannot say that a banker is more valuable than a janitor or that a janitor isn;t valuable at all. There are more persons like yourself who have to work all day long 6 days a week without much spare-time, but remember all this work is necessary. Without your work as a electromechanical engineer a lot of people would have problems electromechanical systems and production technics.

gr. mackenzie

Hi, Thank at all for answer my Thread.
I am agree with a049806t and not with mackenzie.
I don´t say that “NO WORK”, I only say that we are lossing the will to live. Sorry, nor say that with our jobs we aren´t living, but the idea is that this will not become our lives.
I tell you one of my personal experiences. My father is a mechanical engineer and he pass all his life in the work, he life for the work. He only become to my house during the night and the only thing what he did was to renege of the job. This was life. If you was all the time in the job for less it have you like. Do you understand what I say you? I am 23 years old and I have a sister and a brother, but I think that my father did not even know who we are.
I hope that this experience is clear my point of view.
Do you know that would be nice? That you tell me your personal experiences to clarify my ideas and know more to you.
Again Thanks for request my thread.
I hope you new request for this new message.
Luciano Cánepa from Argentina

Luciano, I understand what you are trying to say, but you were also asking what was really important in life and what we thought was the purpose of life. In my belief it’s the Son of God / Roman Catholicism. What I think you are trying to say is that some people, including your father, worked too much and spent little time with others persons (you mentioned yourself and your sister and brother). I’m not Dr. Phil so I really don’t know how to clarify your ideas. You know, like you I am a student so I have sufficient sparetime, therefore I don’t what it is like to work that much and not having a lot of sparetime. But first of all I think you should choose a profession you like very much and secondly if I were you I would enjoy your study years right now when you still don’t have to work 40 hours a week yet.

I don’t have the big solution for you in this subject. Maybe someone on this forum who has more a little bit more life-experience than me could help you in this…

gr. mackenzie

-be grateful
-be nice to others
-be cheerful
-always do what your guts tells you to do and don’t bother what others may think about it. gut feeling can’t go wrong.

Hi again! I think that though someone works 24 hours to day, have what have to gains of live for enjoy this life.
I believe that anyone can do anything, only there are that have a strong desire for catch it.
Luciano Cánepa from Argntina

Dear Luciano

You are asking this question from your heart - for a very good reason! You are not in this world to work 24 hours a day, but you are in this world to express who you truly are and enjoy life. I think your father did what he thought was best for his family, but he was trapped in the belief that only hard work can give you money and and a comfortable life. You don’t have to believe this, you can choose to let go of this belief. Enjoy, Sonja

It is an interesting question and gives motivation for a longer thinking about.

In my opinion we are not on the world as a single person.
We have to work together, each part brings in his own knoweledge and ability. A person who need help should have others they can help. A person who want to have education should have others who can teach and so on.

The life is a permanent giving and taking and I hope that you had and have the feeling often that giving is the best one.

Hi at al! Thanks you, Soja and Irene, for your coments. Are realy good. These help me to understand more the situation.
Will be great that you tell me your experinces, teachings, etc about of this idea.
Luciano Cánepa from Argentina

Luciano I looked on your profile and read where you live.
This reminds me on the plans of my father to emigrate. His brother lived in Mar del Plata. We had all but only not the exit permit and later we were satisfied for not have gotten.

My decicion for learning the Englis language was that I have relatives in the US, the family of my brother. If I would be in contact with his children, I had to learn English :slight_smile:

I learned on different places till I learned known TheLinguist and LingQ.
It was the best way for me and I get fun. I learned known some friends, I had a nice tutor and I learned to work with the system. The conversations with Skype are great and - for me - the possibility to write. I am better in writing then in speaking because I have more time :slight_smile:
My wish is to improve and to be fluent one day.

Luciano, I am 67 now, but you can see I have always goals. And that is another important point in your live. You should have goals, not important if they are reality or a little crazy. You will have success only with personal goals!


Thanks Irene for share with me this personal experience. It is realy good.
I want to learn english for something day travel to US and know the place. I realy anxious and sucessfull for to go there.
I want to know each part of the world, all the cultures, so I open my mind. It is my desire.
Thanks for all!! Bye,
Luciano Cánepa from Argentina

your made a good speech so that i can want to correspond with ,i am a student in pharmacy so i can want to have some on to whom i will speak much with
know that every thing you do it is not because we are intelligent than other but because we have found first the way
try and try perhapsthe day of founding is to day

Hi again! I am me, again. Good, I tell you that I coming to work in a Distribution Electriciy Company in Argentina, the one bigger. I am realy very happy!
I hope that you a great moment as me.
Whit respect to this thread, I believe that anybody know: what is his reson for life?
Just we have to get carried away.
Obviously, that can I don`t correct. I ask you that help me in this thinking. Please, you clear my mind.
Greetings. I hope you have a good day.
Luciano from Argentina

I am very happy for you. It is a great opportunity. Congratulations!

Thank you! Do you want to tell me something? Perhaps, something that you don´t tell to nobody? I stay here for help you. If you need me, here will stay.
Good Bye. Greetings,
Luciano from Argentina

Never support your strength on your human conditions.Life is like the most amazing adventure you have never dreamed.Make good use of your talents,don’t waste your time,be aware of other’s necessity.