What do you love about the language(s) you are learning?

Besides being lyrical, Mandarin has so many old, beautiful sayings and poems:

谁言寸草心,报得三春晖 (such kindness of warm sun, can’t be repaid by grass)

Lines from Traveler’s Ode, a poem by Mèng Jiāo (CE 751-814, Táng Dynasty)


When water is scooped up by the hands,
the moon is reflected in them;
When flowers are handled,
the scent soaks into the robe.

by Wu-tsu Fa-yen (Chinese zen master)

LingQ’s emphasis on reading and listening comprehension works out well for me as I would like to be able to read novels and watch movies in the language.

What do you love/like about the language(s) you are learning?

As far as Italian is concerned I love so much how it sounds. To my ears it just sounds perfect. As for Greek I like that it is so different than romance languages which I have been studying for years starting with French many years ago. So in Greek I like the feeling of novelty and also satisfaction when I am able to understand and decipher something when watching for example Greek tv because it is much more difficult and challenging than romance languages.

Vocabulary is easy. I can easily add 1000 known words in a day.

Why don’t you do so then?

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I do, often. Just not here.

that is easy in french but reproducing those sounds in speech is more difficult

Well obviously not here!

Though I don’t see why not :slight_smile:

Well obviously. Knowing a word doesn’t mean we use it often.

I had an account here under the name platyphylla i think. I cancelled my account because i was paying for premium but was sick of spending my time asking for them to fix broken stuff. If i pay for something i expect it to work. LingQ didn’t. Often. So i left.

Now i can’t make LingQ’s, but i can still read some stuff here.

I use a different platform and my stats are

Today 121 known words
Yesterday 1005 known words
Last 30 days 2137 known words

I have a 9 month old son so don’t read as much as i’d like to and it depends what i’m reading as to how much i move to ‘known’.

If it’s a conversation there aren’t that many words for me to move to known. If it’s a history novel i might recognise thousands of words that i’ve not encountered before. If i can guess the word before ‘lingqing’ it, i put it to known. If i guess and it’s wrong, i make a lingq.

If LingQ sort out the bugs i will be back.

I am skeptical…

I like how consistent Russian is. Once you get over the huge barrier that’s the beginner’s phase (all the rules, declensions, and cases) things become pretty predictable in the intermediate phase.

I just like how it sounds really tough but beautiful and soft when appropriate. I feel that way with Slavic languages and languages that have Slavic influences (like Romanian).


There are more than a few lefties on LingQ and your braggartism kind of reminds us of Trumps.

But none of us know what you are capable of.

I, too, am suspicious of your claim to be able to add 1000 known words in a day. It’s taken me about 2 1/2 months to “know” 502 words in Chinese.

Also, the number of known words you can add in a day hardly constitutes a love for a language. Maybe you are saying that you feel such a comfort and familiarity with the language that the words remain in your memory easily and that makes you happy.

I am relatively new to LingQ and am aware there are bugs. But they seem to get worked out in a day or two. New ones arise and then they get worked out.

I don’t think anyone here really wants you to go. One less Trump devotee spamming my threads is not a big loss to me, though.

I hope you will consider staying, if for no other reason than to fulfill what you are capable of in French.

What on earth does my post have to do with left/rightism or frigging Trump?!?

I’m don’t live in America, i don’t support any political group and i couldn’t care less about it. I simply respond to threads which you people make about Trump to point out how subnormal, unnatural and sick your mindsets are.

I don’t support left or right. Both are stupid, but only the left is laugh-out-loud hilarious because of how stupid its adherents are.

Yep i came here and made up a load of figures so i could look clever on a forum full of people i will never meet.

Or… it could be that a novel with hundred of words like ‘contraire’, ‘classé’, ‘allure’, ‘excuser’, ‘condoléances’, ‘réverbération’, ‘interrompu’… would see me ‘know’ hundreds and thousands of words if i read dozens and dozens of pages of new material in a single day ?

I could actually prove it, but i’m not going to.

“…but only the left is laugh-out-loud hilarious because of how stupid its adherents are…”

I should declare an interest - inasmuch as I have close family members who are on the left :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I do think it’s way too simple to say “leftists are stupid”, or whatever. Some of them are for sure. But then, some of any group are stupid.

I think the left-right thing has mostly to do with mindset - how people view the world. People can be genuinely well meaning, well intentioned, yet a little naive about tough realities; or they can be governed by emotion without reality checks.

Take for example the refugee question: you remember that heart-breaking picture of the little boy from Syria who was drowned crossing the sea to Europe? Many people (like a sister of mine) reacted to that by saying, essentially, “oh that’s terrible!! We must throw open the gates and have them all here!”

The cooler head would want to ask some questions:

1.) Why are we responsible for this? To what extent were the parents responsible for putting themselves and the poor child on an unseaworthy boat? They had already escaped a war zone - so why gamble their lives to reach the European mainland?

2.) Can we have unlimited numbers? What are the implications of doing that for our (already over-pressured) schools, NHS, and housing? What realistic chance is there to integrate these people in our society?

3.) These people are coming from a brutal war zone. Is it possible that some - if only a tiny percentage - could be dangerous?

It seems to me that we are responsible at a humanitarian level for helping people in genuine need, but not necessarily having all of them in our countries. We could set up safe zones nearer to home for them and supply medical aid, food, shelter, etc. Above all we could do everything possible to bring an end to the war - even if that means negotiating a settlement with Assad.

We simply can’t have unlimited numbers here - even if we wanted to. There will be some angry SJW-bigots who will shout “ray-cist!!” at this, but our government’s first responsibility is to UK citizens - end of. We can’t push our health service over the edge, make it increasingly impossible for young people to buy a house, etc, just to be an international do-gooder.

Is it possible to integrate large numbers of people with a different language, religion and culture? I have seen some credible people like Niall Ferguson say that the evidence shows there is “almost no chance” of doing this successfully.

Are small numbers of the refugees even potentially dangerous or violent? Unfortunately it seems the answer to that is “yes”. That isn’t to stigmatise an entire group - most of whom are entirely peaceful. But it only takes one bad person to commit an ugly terrorist attack.

In fairness, the British left (post Brexit referendum) is increasingly coming to terms with these realities, I think.

Japanese sounds like music to my ears.
I often consider it to be to world languages what opera is to music.

I also like the quality and quantity of resources. 2 out of my 3 favorite movies are japanese. Strangely enough, in both cases there is some kind of spitting involved,


i’m not saying he’swrong if you speak english and yes they are thousands of words in french you will come across that are like their english counterparts ,unlike chinese or russian or arabic


Ok I see what you mean.

i’m learning swahili obviously not on lingq but it is unlike anything i’ve ever studied a a mixture of arabic,persian and african vocabulary makes it a very interesting language to study ,on linqg i’m getting to extend my existing knowledge of spanish and french despite all it’s infuriating exceptions is a language i’ve always wanted to learn