What do these "apple - symbols" mean side to the users' flags?

I would like to know what the “apple - symbols” mean which we can now see side to the users’ flags. For example my apple is green, other users’ apples are red or beige. Is this a kind of secret code about the users? On my avatar pages I also have such an apple, for example on my foreign language avatars I have a wormy apple, does this indicate that I am a very bad LingQ - student? Or perhaps I better should say “rather inactive” student.


The apples are indeed a symbol of activity or progress (they are not a sign of a heinous sin committed against LingQ policy). :slight_smile:
While I find the whole row of information unnecessary on the forum - I still think they belong on our profile page - I am grateful for the benign bug that is in the system: otherwise we would see a lot more worm-eaten apples. At the moment the forum depicts us as one level better than we are (and overall it uses our most active language). Should you see a yellowish apple on one of my posts, it is really a green one in disguise.

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how many colours are there?

So the LingQ - system “takes revenge” on rather inactive LingQ - students like me (who has to do her language studies elsewhere) by displacing worm-eaten apples above my avatar on my profile. This is a bad joke! Is it my fault that Danish is not offered here and that the Norwegian library does not contain so much content which is suitable for me?


Depending on our level of activity we have worm-infested green, green, yellowish - a bit like a golden delicious but stronger - followed by a very tempting red and then there’s gold, followed by gold with a laurel wreath, also in gold!! I tend to be more on the wriggly worm side of the scale. I am too busy writing silly stuff on the forum, no time left for studying.

I’m posting in this thread just to show off my shiny apple.

Between red and gold is silver!

Jesus, Mary, Christ!

My apple next to the flag is yellowish; The apple above my avatar is grey or silver.

@TroisRoyaumes Sorry, never ever saw a silver apple before (at least not on LingQ). If it calms you down, I know all the colours of the rainbow!

Show-off! Congratulations!

I am all calm. I just want to use the opportunity to imitate sombody’s religious mother. I don’t get to use that phrase otherwise.

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And, btw, 33333 words in French! Wow!

I had a silver apple a few weeks ago (over 2000 activity points) but then I had an overseas work assignment and stopped using lingQ for a couple of weeks and now I am all the way down to yellow :frowning:

It is really interesting that grown-up persons are so intrigued by a silly avatar and a silly activity apple. The LingQ avatar system must have some special power to fascinate people… Green means wormy, BTW. Mine is always wormy.

Just want to say that one can read about the Avatar levels, apple colors and other interesting information on the page AVATAR FAQ Avatar Help (BTW, last year it was really easy to find this kind of information on LingQ, but after the last two or three website updates, it has become difficult to find this page.)


Thank you, Cris, your link gives a summary overview on the different apple shades. This topic is new for me and it has become more obvious, as the apples are now directly shown in the forum.

I can see the gold apple, not just yellowish :wink:

I have a silver apple right now, but when I post on the forum it shows up as a golden one. Bug?

It is a known ‘bug’ (I mentioned it somewhere on this page). I rather suspect a worm-eaten apple doesn’t look good on the forum and so we all are bumped up one apple level…

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