What do these "apple - symbols" mean side to the users' flags?

Blimey. What do I need to do to get a golden apple then, spend the whole day lingq’ing?

You’re actually just right around the corner… just get your Activity Score to 4000 and you’ll have a real gold apple :slight_smile:

Whilst you are correct on the worm-eaten apple not having the type of visual appeal we’re looking for, I assure you we are not an anti-worm organization.


My sole purpose for learning Mandarin is to earn the pink polka dot dress for my avatar…^^

I am now in the process of “un-worming” my Norwegian apple above my avatar because yesterday I discovered new Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 lessons in the Norwegian library. They seem to be new! :slight_smile:

What made you choose Norwegian instead of Swedish, Fasulye? I want to learn at least one of the Scandinavian languages, and I’m still undecided between the two.

@Elric, I have already been a learner of Danish and last year one member of my German-Scandinavian Club attended a 3 days Norwegian crash course, so I decided to join the course. If he had attended a Swedish crash course instead, I would also have joined the course and I would now be learning Swedish. Initially I had a preference for Danish, but secondly I had no preference for either Norwegian or Swedish.

Ah, ok, serendipity. I’m still undecided. On the one hand there’s a literary tradition that I’d love to gain access to via Norwegian, on the other there’s a much larger speaking population and lots of great movies that I love in Swedish. The only logical solution is to learn both.

In Norway there are two written languages, Nynorsk and Bokmâl. But all people in Norway speak dialects, where some of them resemble Nynorsk and others Bokmâl.

Here’s a nice video on the subject: Danish, Norwegian or Swedish? - YouTube

No fair! Now that I do have a real hard-won golden apple, I see the word “apple” beside my flag, instead of the golden apple image.

Sorry about that, we’ll get this fixed!

Just a heads up to everyone, the apples on the forum should now be fixed so it will now be showing your correct level :slight_smile:

Instead of fixing the real bugs here - at least the apples are now correct… hahaha!

I’m not sure I follow - we’ve been actively fixing reported issues since our latest update, including many of the issues that you yourself addressed:

  • Forum showing “none” for Ask Your Tutor posts
  • Forum threads opening to latest post (and before Christmas at that!)
  • All posts showing by default on forum instead of having to scroll

If you’re still encountering issues be sure to let us know :slight_smile:

Is this an advantage that we now see sooooooo many worm-eaten apples here on this forum - I doubt it!

my apple is green with envy:)

If you have different activity levels in different languages, you can change the colour of your apple! :slight_smile: Now I could also “show off” a worm-eaten apple.

Yours is green, mine is wormy …