What are your Language Goals for 2022?

What are your Language Goals for 2022?


For 2022 my plan is to read (and listen to) the full Harry Potter series in Norwegian and French. I also want to get Russian, Finnish, and Irish to an upper beginner level, at least. In each of those three I have between 60-100+ hours of study, with lots of gaps (especially Irish).

I want to start limited output in each of those languages, so I will be using journaly.com for writing practice (1x/week/language) and, with staggered starts throughout the year, find someone to practice speaking with on tandem, italki, or discord.

Also, I get a great joy from playing around in lots of different languages. In the past I’ve tried restricting myself to a single focus language, but its not ideal for me. This year I’m embracing that I enjoy dabbling, so I will allow myself to indulge, guilt-free, so long as I work on at least three of my main languages daily prior.

Edits: I forgot that there may be a trip to Greece and/or Japan in a few years, so I’d like to get those to at least a travel-usable level. Its still a ways off, so there’s no rush, and no need to reach a high level.

Among dabbling languages there is a priority. German, Italian, Danish, and Portuguese will probably get more time than others. Not on Lingq I’ll likely continue putting more time into Maltese. I also got Assimil Occitan and Breton, and will be looking at Occitan early in the year, and Breton later in the year.


To learn 10,000 more Chinese words and learn to speak beyond surface depth.


400 hours of Chinese reading I’m thinking… did an hour a day in 2021


To make my first major breakthrough in Russian. At my current rate of progress, that is pretty certain to take place. It is tough work though.


4 million words read and conversationally fluent or at least feel like I’m conversationally fluent, fingers crossed!


My goals are

  • Reach Advanced 1 level in Spanish on LingQ
  • 100 hours of listening in Spanish
  • Be able to understand Spanish comedians
  • Reach Intermediate 1 level in Portuguese
  • 200 hours of listening in Portuguese
  • Reach a basic conversational level in Portuguese before I go to Brazil


  • Reach 20k known words
  • Reach 200 hours of listening
  • Reach 50 hours of speaking/conversation time
  • Read 10 books


  • Reach a high enough level in Italian so I can afford to dedicate some amount of time consistently to Polish every day; so, not really any specific goal. I’d just like to get started in the language and maybe start conversing a little by the end of the year

Intermediate 2/B2 level in Russian listening.

Stick it out. It’s doable. I can understand some podcasters now after a hard slog of 400 some hours of listening to what sounded like gibberish at the beginning.


Welche Sprachen Ziele hast du für 2020 ? ??? dieses Frage wäre richtig auf Deutsch ???

I just roll with it and go with the flow, one day at a time. I’m aiming to start memorizing more of the Quran this year though.


Nice thanks for sharing !


Nice one! We “just” make composite words out of nouns all the time, so you say “Welche Sprachziele hast du für 2020?” Important: The noun that carries the meaning is the latter world and this one also gives you the gender.
“Wäre diese Frage richtig auf Deutsch” is the correct word order, since in questions the verb is put in front of the noun. Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

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  • 30k Known Words by 1st March
  • Begin outputting after 30k Known Words (an hour a week iTalki, perhaps more)
  • Visit Greece in Summer :slight_smile:

It was nice reading everyone’s goals, I hope you all succeed.

Καλή Χρονιά!


To get my German to 25k known words and expand on my spoken experience in the language.

My primary goal is to get my Spanish to 10k known words, to start reading basic Spanish books and to begin basic conversation with online tutors + language exchanges.

Thanks to everyone who shared their goals here, I’ve no doubt that you’ll all be successful! :slight_smile:


go from b1 french to c1 french in 12 mos.
300 hours using italki lessons.
read or listen to 25 books in french.


My language goals for 2022.


  • continual non-quantifiable improvement
  • concentration on output
  • celebrate the 1000-day streak and finish it
  • graduate from LingQ
  • read books and speak

I wish everyone to meet their language goals this year! Aim high!


I want to reach 22.000 known words at the end of the year in Croatian. It would be great to start French but first I want to progress in Croatian.
My biggest goal is to understand spoken Croatian so I can listen comfortably to podcasts or watch a movie.


Mine is a simple one - Make contact with the language every single day, and not to have weeks/months with no contact at all. I’ve never once been able to do that after 8-9 years of Spanish. I think the longest I’ve ever done was almost 3 months. I wonder where it would take me if I put in a couple of hours/day for an entire year. My guess is I’ll never find out, but I can at least make it a goal. So far so good for 2022, haha.