What are the coins for?

Hello, I’m new to lingq, tried to look into the help system about what the coins are for but it wasn’t very informative.
Can you spend them on something?

You can use coins to repair your streak in case it gets broken. You need 5000 coins to repair it.

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Where do I do that? (Especially in the android app)

First time you login after your streak breaks, you will see the popup asking to repair it. Also, you should receive the repair streak email.

I do not know why I would want to repair my ‘streak’. What is the significance of a ‘streak’? Thank you in advance.

Hi @haropat1 this might help:

At first, let’s say the first few weeks you use lingQ your streak is not very important. After a while you notice that daily practice, even a little every day is better than say twice a week. Then you practice daily and you get a ‘streak’. Inevitably you’ll also have days that are busier than you’d like. The next day you notice you have to restart your streak. Then it’s nice if you can repair it. Even when it’s not exactly crucial. Once your streak goes beyond a year, or so, it becomes a holy grail that you’ll start comparing to others.

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