[WEB APP] Feature requests

I know some of these have probably been requested before, but I thought I would mention them in this post anyway in the hope the developers take notice.

In Sentence Mode

  • Display the vocabulary list in the order the words appear in the sentence. The current alphabetical order is very confusing when you are trying to understand the meaning without looking at the translation.

  • Also display the meaning of blue words with the community translation, even if users amend the definition. Again, it makes it easier to understand the sentence without having to look at the translation.

All these features are already available on iOS and they are very helpful. I hope they make their way to the web app eventually.

General Improvements

  • Add Asian fonts for people who are learning an Asian language (Korean in my case). Better even, make it possible for users to upload their own fonts with a limit to the number (1 or 2) if you fear this could overload the system. Most ebook readers offer this functionality these days.

  • Improve the notes function for people who use them. Users should be able to see when looking at the text/sentence mode list which words have notes already added to them and find these notes displayed under the form of a list somewhere (similar to the vocabulary list). This would be very helpful to review grammar points, for example. Again, most ebook readers to this very well these days.


Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll forward to our team.

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@zoran the meaning of the blue words has been introduced on the web-app as well, that’s great, but the meaning is not showing up yet, only the word. See screenshot below.

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The team said on another thread that the initial release of the new feature would not have the translations showing.

Someone said that they should and I agree with them. This works very well on iOS and I hope they’ll eventually do the same on the web version.

That said, this is already a big improvement. And having the words listed in order of appearance in the sentence makes a big difference.


Thanks for the update, I didn’t read that.

I agree that it works very well on iOS. I hope they will complete the entire process soon.

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The thread I was referring to is this one: