ISSUE Sentence View Doesn't Show Unknown Words

On MacOS Safari, when in sentence view, I am unable to see the definitions of unknown words in the vocabulary listing on the bottom.

On my iPhone, it works just fine and I can see all the new words. It makes it a lot easier reading. I don’t know why this is not happening on my computer.

Thank you.


Simply because the web version does not offer this functionality. Android doesn’t either. Only iOS offers it at the moment.

I made a request for this two days ago. Hopefully, the developers will consider it even though it might take some time.


Hi guys!
@esimkin It wasn’t an issue on the web app or Android apps, as the inclusion of unknown words in the vocabulary list was an experimental feature exclusive to the iOS app, we wanted to determine which approach users preferred.
@SeoulMate Currently, we have initiated development of this feature for the web platform (hope soon to release it). In the initial version, unknown words will be included in the vocabulary list, albeit with a slight deviation from the approach in the iOS app. Specifically, in the sentence view, translations for unknown words will not be displayed by default. Instead, users will need to click on the “+” (plus) button or the word itself to access the term widget, where they can view or select translations. But towards marking word as known or ignored - it would be the same as in the iOS app (we will be showing bin & tick icons). Thanks

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That’s great to hear. Another great point of the iOS app is that in the sentence mode vocabulary list, words appear in the same order as in the sentence as opposed to alphabetical order. This makes understanding the sentence so much easier and I hope it is also implemented on the web.


@SeoulMate this is already done too on web, just need to release.


Fabulous. Can’t wait. :blush:


I think having the translations being displayed is much less disruptive to reading as all I have to do is glance down to the word rather than interrupt my reading to select a definition, etc. I’m able to get a lot more reading done as a result and it is much easier for me to understand. I think this should be considered as a potential selectable option as it would be very frustrating to have to go through a menu for every new word I see, especially in content where there are a lot of new words.