Web and Mobile App Updates as of July 29th

Android App

  • Manual Import of lessons

  • Sentence mode scrolling fixed

  • Improvements to lesson text interaction

  • Improvements to asian languages scripting rendering in lesson text

  • Fix to review cloze test not showing anything sometimes

  • View all statistics access from lesson stats screen

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Added Android help videos

  • Editing meaning saves when dismissing popup

  • Progress bar in lesson moves right to left in RTL languages

  • Improvements to Library filters

  • Fix to phrases in start of sentences not being highlighted

  • Fix to streak repair

  • Prevent scripts from overlapping with text in asian languages while using very small fonts and line spacing

  • Lesson stats improvements

  • Review session improvements to UI
    iOS App

  • Bug fixes and optimizations for audio player

  • General bug fixes
    Web App

  • Improvements to mobile web responsiveness and UI

  • Automatic audio generation added in Reader for imported lessons without audio

  • Timestamps added for generated tts audio file

  • Review activities upgraded

  • General UI improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixes to title text in reader

  • Added Contributor Rankings list on Contribute page

  • Added Icelandic as Dictionary Language

  • Transliteration improvements in Reader

  • Improvements to timestamp editor

  • Added More from this Source option in Library

  • Fixes to lesson likes, course counters

  • Japanese word splitting adjustments

  • General bug fixes


Thanks for your efforts, great to see LingQ development moving forward. I would like to understand the new contributor rankings. Can you explain how these numbers come about, how they are calculated? I assume it is not (only) related to shared lessons, but also considers the sharing of dictionary definitions?


Japanese word splitting adjustments


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Hi Mark, thank you fot the update. But, I have downloaded a book + audio book and each lesson would timestamp very well in the beginning. But, for some weeks it hasn’t been working well anymore and the sentence I hear in sentence mode is incorrect. Sadly this update did not fix it… I already informed your customer service about thos several times. Could you let me know if you are working on this? Thank

I am now getting a continuously spinning wheel on my pages that makes the pages slow and buggy. Did that have something to do with the upgrade?

Pressing “k” for known is leading to everything disappearing in Chrome and this beautifully designed error message:

One needs to refresh the page when this happens. Since reloads are, as you know, rather time consuming on lingq.com. This makes the app not fit for use for me.

(PS, here is a tip: Don’t do Friday deployments ;))

I’m also getting several errors in devtools, including a syntax error(!)

Sorry about that, everyone. We are looking into the issue and we will have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

I don’t remember updating the app but I guess it happened automatically. It seems there is now a bug on the Android app. If I select a blue word and then select another word, previously the blue word would be saved as a lingq with the first hint shown being the saved hint and the bubble for the next selected word would be brought up. The last part no longer happens. Instead, I have to select the next word a second time to bring up the bubble.

This is now fixed. Thanks everyone for reporting the issue!

still getting this, despite apparent recent bug fixes

Strange but this bug seems to have solved itself.

@Grism - Is this still happening to you? Have you done a full refresh?

Yes its still happening with video import. I am using latest version 2.2.2.


Great to have improvement to the Android app. I have a quick question. I recently posted a few threads about using LingQ on Android tablets with eInk (Kindle-like) screens. I have such a tablet now and have been using the LingQ Android app on it for about a month. It has been a complete game changer for me. I have never enjoyed reading on LingQ as much as I do now.

It’s clear that the app was not designed with such devices in mind and even though it works fantastically, a few minor tweaks would vastly improve the experience. Is this something you guys have on your radar? I see this as super low-hanging fruit for LingQ and a good opportunity to get ahead of the curve since eInk Andoid devices seem to be becoming more popular.

That just looks like the audio generation spinner. It can take some time for the audio to be converted and generated from the video. Once complete the audio player button should appear. It can sometimes take up to a day to complete depending on the how many other tasks are in the queue. Has the audio loaded for the lessons you reported earlier?

I have opinions about the recent change in the writing exchange. I often post my writing for improve my output skill, and this is a very good practice.
Personally, the new screen of writing exchange is a little bit annoying. First, the screen is not fit for my notebook as well as my desktop. When I post my writing, the space is not large enough that I cannot find the button for submits (this can be solved by reducing the size of my all screen in the Google-Chrome).
Second, the space of posts from users is small. I often correct posts from posters writing in Japanese. Compared to previously, I find it a little bit hard to read and correct them.
Finally, corrected writings I get is also hard to read. There are not strike-out lines on the red letters. Words, phrases and sentences with red and green color cannot be differentiated well.
It could depend on each user whether they find the new version better or not, but I think there are something to be improved.
I’m sorry only to complain, but always thanks for LingQ

The Contributor Coins are awarded as follows:

  • 1 coin for every usage of a hint a user created
  • 5 coins every time one of your shared lessons gets taken.
  • 5 coins every time a user opens an external lesson or a shared private import.
  • 3 coins for every writing exchange response.
  • 1 coin per edit for lesson text, translation, timestamps by anyone not the lesson owner. Max 5 edits per lesson.
  • 5 coins per like for any lesson you shared
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I wasn’t aware that those devices existed to be honest. It is not on our radar I’m afraid. Unless those devices become widespread we are unlikely to make improvements specific to that interface, but, if the improvements could benefit all interfaces, they would be considered.