We need more group conversations!

Through the occasional glance at my friends activities I have noticed that there are a lot of group conversations in French at the moment, these are mainly provided by Cecile and Marianne and I think this is great, they cover a variety of topics and are almost always full. I would love to see conversations like these in German or Spanish, the conversation usually has a topic such as social websites and they are very popular, I would really like to sign up for a conversation like this in German or Spanish as I really do like group conversations, would any of the tutors be able to start offering such conversations?

Harry, I would also like to join more group conversations. I have booked three for the coming weeks (including one hosted by… you!).
Some months ago, I tried to offer a group conversation, but no one joined it. I guess there are too few Italian learners for a group conversation. I think it’s a pity…

I would love to see one for either Spanish or German, I know that enough people would sign up to make it worth while :slight_smile:

By the way, I know this topic has been started to ask about group conversations in Spanish and German, but would anyone be interested in group conversations in Italian? Pleeeeeeease… :slight_smile:

It is true that there are no group conversations in Spanish. For a while I’ve been offering group conversation and nobody has signed in, or just one person, so like a 1-on-1 conversation. Only almost a year ago, when I started offering conversation I got two conversations with two people.
Anyway, I’m willing to have group discussions, so if anyone is interested in, I will offer them again. :wink:

I will offer group conversations too… soon. I have to prepare them a bit.

I offered group conversations some time ago. My experiences are the same as Alberts. But now I created some group conversation on Tuesday evenings.

Yay! Thanks for asking this, Harry. I think I am ready to brave the group conversation. Berta, tell me when you offer a group conversation, and I will do my best to show up.

I also think that inviting a friend when signing up (or inviting a few regular students) will help.

I am definitely going to sign up for some of the newly available group conversations, I am quite busy until December the 3rd, but after that I will definitely sign up :slight_smile:

aybee that’s great news! :)))

Harry that’s great, I’ll set up some by then :slight_smile: I believe alsuvi has already set up one, wich is great.

He has set two up now and they are both almost full I believe :slight_smile:

I have just joined a group conversation by Albert and I’m the only member so far. There are two more slots available!

I believe its full now :wink:

Wow! I’ve created 2 group conversation for next Tuesday and for Friday and they are both full! That’s great news!!! :wink:
I’ll create more for the following weeks. I’ll try to create two group conversations per week.
The ones I’ve created have 3 slots. If there’s more demand, I can add the 4th slot, just tell me!

Also, I’ve posted a couple of topics that I thought could let us talk about different things and use both basic vocabulary and advanced one. Anyway, we can also speak about general things and, if you have a proposal for a topic you’d like to talk about, just tell me!!

Either I didn’t reload the page before my previous post or the conversation I booked got full in the past twenty minutes! I wonder when this will happen for Italian…

Well why don’t you start offering some topical conversations and send some invitations out :slight_smile:

Albert, is one of these conversations on Sat 4 Dec, 10.00 (am? pm?) NZ time? Mike sent me an invitation by email, but apparently it was booked by the time I saw it. It was one about hobbies. If it is at some reasonable NZ time, could you add another slot and let me know :)? thanks.

I’d like more group conversations in both Spanish and Russian, it’s just my time zone is a bit incompatible with the rest of the world :D.

Yes Milena, it is at my 10pm, which is your 10 am.
I can’t add another slot if the group conversation is already created, but I’ll create a slot for you just after the group conversation, so you just have to sign up for this one and remember that, even though it will say that the conversation will start at 10:45am, in fact, it’ll be at 10:00am. Is that ok?

I’m really happy with the success this groups conversations are having!! :wink:
So I’ll create more 4 slots conversations for the following weeks with topical conversations, as Harry suggested.

I will try to post a few group conversations and to invite my students (which I had done the first time too, by the way).

I think what Harry wrote was addressed to me, but it’s great to hear you have set more conversations! :slight_smile: