We need more Android app Beta testers!

Hello everyone,

As you know, new iOS app has been already released a few months ago and we are happy with your great feedbacks and positive reactions!

Good news are that Android app is almost ready to go too and it would be great if you can give it a try and leave us a feedback. Your testing will help us get rid of all potential bugs and help us improve the app as much as possible before releasing.

If you are interested, please let us know here or contact me on zoran(at)lingq.com and I’ll add you into Beta testers list and send you installation instructions. Thanks!


I was not able to log in into the Android app some months ago. But I gave a try to it again yesterday. It looks like that bug is fixed now.
But I would like to know, how may I open a recent lesson? I can’t beleive it is not implemented. How can I find a lesson in a course among dozens of them? Will it be implemented in the next version?

@Ress - Are you talking about the Beta app? The recent lessons are shown across the top of the Home screen. Or, have you tried the My Lessons tab?

I am talking about the version from the Play Market, ver. 3.9.14
The Home screen has My Courses, Playlist and Daily LingQs.
I can see above them: a flag, +, refresh and 3 dots.
I have no idea where the recent lessons are.

This thread is about the beta app so I was confused. As for the current app on Google Play, it doesn’t have Recent Lessons. This is an innovation from LingQ 4.0. It does exist in the beta version we are asking for testers for here.
In the old app, we show your Recent Courses in the My Courses list. That is the way it has always been I’m afraid. I recommend joining the beta if you want to access recent lessons more easily.

I am happy to help. I just sent you an email, Zoran.

Thanks Matthew. Please check your email.

I sent you an email yesterday, but I think you might have missed it.

Also happy to test this. I’ve sent you an email and I assume the instruction for reporting bugs are included.

Thanks, I added you into Beta testers group. Please check your email.

I replied on your email with instructions. Thanks Joshua!

Hiya, I’m keen! Have sent an email, just waiting on the link and instructions :slight_smile:

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I think I’m using the Beta app. I’m using it for Greek. When I make a LingQ, the word or phrase is spelled out in a kind of English accent instead of the word or phrase being spoken. this does not happen if I use the online version of the lesson.

Can you please check and make sure that you have Google TTS installed on your device and selected as default?

Hey zoran, I don’t want to create new topic as my problem is rather minor and hopefully temporary, but since yesterday evening lingq website works agonizingly slow for me. Is it because increased traffic, or problem is on my side? app works pretty well, but website for some reason is pretty slow. I live in Poland.

Edit: It was actually my fault, turned off my extensions and suddenly problem is solved, sorry!

Hi Beware,
Great, I am glad to hear you figured it out. Yes, there aren’t any performance issues on the site at this moment.

I would like to beta test for the Android App if its not too late to do so. I will send you an email

Yes Maria, we are still open for Beta testing! I saw your email and replied on it.

I waiting for my new android phone to arrive. In the meantime, I’d be happy to be added to the beta tester4 list, so I can get started as soon as the device arrives. Any estimates on a launch date for the app?

Sounds good, please post a private message on my wall and let me know which gmail address you are using on your device for Google Play and I’ll add you into Beta testers list.
New version will be hopefully released within next 10-15 days.