V5 incredibly Slow + Stressful

I love the look of the new version but it’s laggy and super slow. Anyone else suffering from the same thing?


It shouldn’t be too laggy unless you are on a very long lesson. However, if you are on Firefox there are issues. We recommend not using FF until we have been able to figure out why it is so slow there.


Please fix Firefox that I had it dedicated especially to LingQ and language learning. Thanks :slight_smile:


We will eventually but Firefox has unique issues and we have to prioritize where we spend our time. Unfortunately, less than 3% of our users are on FF so we have to focus on things that affect the majority of users first. We will get there though and we apologize that it is so slow there.


Between Safari and Chrome where do you give your priority usually? Thanks.

Both Safari and Chrome have much more usage and function much more similarly to each other than FF. Either will work fine for you. As will Edge for Windows users. Unfortunately, FF has diverged from the mainstream and is becoming less and less relevant in general. Much like Internet Explorer used to be before it was phased out.

Thank you for answering this question. I have been struggling through on Firefox for the past couple of days, so I’ll switch to Safari for now. I’m commenting here though because as a FF user, I’m frankly a bit offended by the comparison to Internet Explorer. :confused: Please keep in mind that across the web, there is not a noticeable difference in speed/performance between Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and that most people using Firefox are doing so for privacy reasons. With everything going on in the world right now, it is understandable that data privacy is not the biggest thing on everyone’s mind. However, people do care about this issue, as demonstrated by Meta’s stock plunge this past week due in part to Apple’s new default Do Not Track feature. LingQ’s users are engaged global citizens and unfortunately many of us do not live in parts of the world where we have the right to not be surveilled on the internet. If LingQ does not work on Firefox, then Windows and Linux users who are not protected by GDPR and similar laws will not have a safe way to use LingQ on the web. I think that this issue (and Firefox’s solution to it!) is becoming more and more relevant in this day and age, and that you as developers have a responsibility to take users’ privacy into consideration in your development. Even though most people are choosing to use Chrome (or Edge), there’s a significant difference between having the choice and not, and I am sure the small percentage of users choosing to not take that choice very seriously. That being said, I understand the decision to prioritize fixing issues that have the broadest impact first (as I would do if I were in your position). Thanks for continuing to improve LingQ for everybody!


lingq is all the time very slow…

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It’s takes aboot 7 secunds on the android app, just to fetch eech word and to vocaylse it!? Do the math. That means it takes me 8 hrs to git dun whut I use to be able to git dun in 1 hr!

The 'ole version feched words INTSANTLY! Now up to 7 secunds to retrief the word meenings! I thick that I haff to stop yewsing the until the slowness is ficksed. I carnt be weighting 7 secunds a wurd!!!

Long less un’s had no lag wot-sew-eva on V4.

Try Brave browser, it’s based on chrome but has privacy built in. Works well with Lingq.

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And do anyone still have phrases highlited? I’ve flicked from page to page - not a single orange phrase hihglighted any more

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Same thoughts here. I have moved to chrome for now but will go back to firefox when issues are fixed.

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I have found that it is getting easier for me to use but many things still cause me grief/irritation. The first day I used it I was almost ready to ask for a refund! I had been telling friends how easy LingQ was to use and then all of a sudden the change. :slight_smile:

If I create a LingQ I have to first choose a translation and then go back to it again if I want to tweak or add to the translation. Why does it need two passes?

When I review words and need to choose a translation to fill a blank (cloze?) the 4th translation is often hidden from view and I have to move the bar down. This would not be so bad if the bar was a little wider but on my laptop I have to move my cursor pointer and fit it exactly at the end of the bar to move it down. This often takes a few attempts. Is there something I can do to make sure the four choices are viewable without fussing?


All so, FIRST time I fetch a word it may be laggy and take up to severeal seconds to fetch meaning and text to speach, , but then anytime that same word show up’s again in the tekst, it will always fetch it and text to speeech it super fast? It seems so to me?

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I think only first time you click the word, it is super slow? Then next time you click that same word, it should have remememememebered and now be super fast!?

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Phrases are highlighted in yellow now. No longer in orange. All LingQs are yellow.

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Yes, that is the case. Because there were a lot of TTS problems particularly on Android where users needed to often update or install different TTS engines, we have decided to switch to pulling better quality and consistent TTS from the server so that the TTS should be consistent across platforms. This does mean that the first time a word’s audio is pulled from the server there is a lag. We are working to optimize this so it should get faster. Thereafter, it is instant as you say.


The experience is still really bad. I depended on the old flow where I got near instant feedback when pressing a word I didn’t know.

I don’t care if it’s “super fast” after I’ve already learned how the word is pronounced.