Using ChatGPT to Extend Lingq via Chrome Extension

Hi All!

While LingQ excels at tracking my progress in language learning, I’ve noticed it struggles with pronunciation and sentence translation. Over the last 6 months, I’ve found myself constantly copying and pasting content into ChatGPT. Particularly since GPT-4, I’ve found its translations generally handle context much better than LingQ’s default translators. However, this process became tedious, so I developed a Chrome extension to streamline it.

For example, ChatGPT provided a much clearer translation and a natural, fluid pronunciation of the sentence. This has significantly increased the efficiency of my study time, allowing me to tackle more complex content that I would have otherwise avoided.

Here’s the link to the extension and the github repo (for anyone who might be interested in contributing).

How have you been using ChatGPT? Would integrating native features like this into LingQ enhance your learning experience?



This seems like a pretty good general GPT extension and open source which is fantastic for anyone wanting a look at a nice manifest 3 extension setup or a base to build off.

There has obviously been a good amount of work to create the structure here and it is very well presented. Saying that, the beef is missing. Having read through the code quickly, there doesn’t appear to be any LingQ integration. It’s just for general use highlight and translate accross the internet that uses your own key and is hard set to model 4o and alloy voice.

Some additions would be some GUI for a model and voice selector and to have some sort of LingQ integration.

This picture I found here

Some things to know:
LingQ does have a GPT sentence translate option built in but I believe it uses the 3.5 model. They also have GPT translations and hints for words on IoS also using 3.5 model. They are not using GPT voices of any kind to my knowledge.

There is also a more detailed GPT extension by another user which has several customization options. There is a monthly fee (After 30 day trial), no key required and the processes happen backend.
Lingq ChatGPT chrome extension

Overall, Good job. Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the feedback Rooster!

I appreciate that. The goal here is for this to remain open-source and flexible. My hope is that people outside the LingQ world will use this tool on their own journey. For this reason, I focused on getting the MVP out, seeing how it’s used and then building features from there.

As far as keys go, you really have two options.

  1. Charge users and don’t require a key.
  2. Don’t charge users and make them provide their own key.

In keeping with the goal of this project remaining open and free, I opted for the second choice.

Adding the option to change models / voices is on the roadmap of features I plan to release next month. So expect that update soon.

Are there other features that you think this could use?

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