Upgrade issue

When I get in a new lesson in the right side where usually the translation of the unknown words appear, a image with Steve gets up an it says ‘‘Oops to continue creating unlimited LingQs, you will need to upgrade.’’ and I can’t see the translation of the new words( and I also don’t want to upgrade). Why can I get rid of that message ?

@MADARA - We made some membership changes, including some changes to the LingQ limit for Free users. Please see the full details here: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/membership-changes

Were those changes motivated by greed alone?
I was very disappointed to see the “improvements”.
Just now that I was getting motivated to read aloud a full book to contribute to Portuguese lessons.
I don’t know if I will go on using this site, because it seems to me that everything was only bait for selling subscriptions.

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@adrik, ian_kury - We are sorry you are disappointed. However, we feel that if you find value in our service, you should pay for it. If you don’t see the value, don’t pay. That is your choice and it’s the same choice you make many times a day for all services you consume. That is how the world works. That is why we invest so much time and effort and money in continuously improving LingQ. We think LingQ is well worth what we charge for the benefits that are derived. We hope you will see that and want to upgrade.

After reading the membership changes, I still don’t understand why I can’t click on the unknown words to make them known words anymore. Is it blocked because i already had more than 20 Lingqs?

Edit: Ah nevermind, just noticed on the “oops” message it’s now for upgrade members. :confused:

Holy Christ… What’s going on here, misters!!!..Come on! I use Linqq and recommend it since 2010… And now suddenly this???.. . You may say I can achieve 500 Lingq’s, however this is a huge mistake: " […] which means you can no longer delete LingQs to create more. […]" Men… You are kind of obliging people to pay… What if I have no money to pay courses and web’s like Babbel, Bussu, PODs like 101 languages “innovative language” http://www.innovativelanguage.com/ , “openlanguage” http://openlanguage.com/ … and even though being a language enthusiast … Should I turn back to livemocha? HUm?! You know there is nothing like Lingq on internet… We understand you are entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean you need to screw up everything… I gotta get the ride again and spend another entire year searching new free engines… OH no… NO doubt you are going to face strong competition… IT’S COMPLETLY UNFAIR SINCE YOU DECIDE TO MAKE IT HARDER TO us INSTEAD OF REALLY IMPROVE THE POSSIBLITIES FOR THOSE WHO PAY! “[…] trying to make it more clear to people why they should upgrade to our paid plans.[…]” Make the premium account something that give language learners INFINITE PLEASURE instead of decreasing options of the newcomers and poors… “[…] We hope these new membership tiers are clearer and encourage more interaction amongst our members. […]” I’m afraid this is not going to happen…

PS: sorry… your “Membership Changes” seems Margaret Thatcher’s plans…

PS²: Nothing personal, Mr. Steve …I still admire you!

Mark, you’re simply saying that “value = price”. I’m sorry that this is your philosophy.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.
As the proud creator of a website that posts free PDFs of scientific papers on my area of specialty and which gives me no financial gain and many headaches, I feel betrayed not for having to pay for upgrades, but because you crippled the free part of the service, which was a great option for those non-VIP users.
Why not improving the paid services instead of screwing the basic free ones?

Come on Lingq staff… Don’t be silly! Do not disappoint LINGQ fans and enthusiasts! Positivity, remember? Don’t make me say “old times, bro”, please…

Let’s dialogue… by the way… it’s the very reason why we get along together… right here… To talk… to make the communication stuff works and so on…


What a bunch a whiners. It’s $10 a month. You spend more than that at Starbucks in a week.

Hey, Don’t you think of the children??

Hmm… no. I think my friends would say I rarely think of anyone but myself.

I gladly pay my ten bucks each month (actually, it costs more now that the aussie dollar has lost parity!) - because it’s such a worthwhile site - and I suck up to noone. Better than the 25-30 bucks it cost me when I used POD - for EACH language at that!

There are still lots of free resources at LingQ. Unfortunately we have to pay our employees and people who provide services to us. We do not have any government grants. We are required to ask our users to pay for using LingQ. Those people who find the site useful, and see value, will pay. If people don’t see value they won’t pay. There are also opportunities to earn points.

We have in fact raised the upper limit of free LingQs to a potential 500, from the previous 100. You just have to refer friends.

Furthermore, LingQ no longer takes a 25% commission on speaking and writing correction exchanges between learners. So overall these changes are designed to increase the benefits and interaction between members at LingQ, leading to better languages learning results.

We have many more enhancements planned, and expect that these changes will enable us go keep developing and improving.

From Vienna at 6 am since I can’t sleep, having just arrived yesterday from Vancouver.

I think the limit for LingQs for free users should be at the exact number that will bring in the largest number of paying members. This is not greed. I also demand to be paid when I work.

Also from Vienna at 6am. Been here a year.

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I think it’s sad that people would use the site for years and years… lingqing, deleting, lingqing, deleting. Whatever. Like I said, $10 bucks 4 grande coffees at Starbucks (in the States at least…, 2 grande coffees here in Zurich).

Is Vienna enjoying the same sunrise I’m enjoying in Zurich… or does the rain continue?

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The rain continues.

$5 for a cup of coffee in Switzerland? And I thought Vancouver was expensive…

LingQ costs 33 cents per day, which is by far a better value than any of my other daily expenses. It’s a steal.

Grey and overcast, but being an optimist, I think that the sky is clearing somewhat.

Last night I was at Grinsing for dinner related to my wood business, wine, food, music and lots of animated conversation in a variety of languages . I was able to speak a lot of Romanian and had a great time. I will post a short video on my blog, and will continue to post pictures and videos as I wend my way to Romania.

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