Updated Vocabulary SRS Review page, improved export for Anki, Memrise

Many of you have been wondering when we would update our Vocabulary page to match the functionality and look and feel of the new Reader and review activities. Well, that time is now!

Today we launch a brand new user interface for the Vocabulary/Review page. It should be very familiar to all of you as we have more or less just updated the look and feel. We hope we have simplified the navigation and made page a little clearer. All filters and tags are now shown when you click the “Filters” dropdown to the left of the Search field. This lets you refine your list of terms to review.

We have changed to a tabbed navigation to help you find All Terms, Phrases only and the terms Due for Review in our SRS system. As well we have improved the import/export functionality. The file type is still a csv but now you need a header row which can specify the file contents using the column names. You can create a file with headings like this: term, phrase, tag1, tag2, hintlanguage1, hint1, hintlanguage2, hint2. If you use this kind of naming structure you will be able to import terms and exported files will be downloaded with this structure. No more strange brackets or quotes in the fields.

This should make exporting to systems like Anki and Memrise work more smoothly if you prefer to review using their review systems but want to use LingQ to generate your terms to learn in context.

Finally, just as we did in the lessons, we have combined all activity types by default into a review session which shows random activities for your selected terms. Just as you can in the lesson, you can adjust the types of review activities to include in your review sessions in the review settings once the review widget opens.

We hope you like the changes! Let us know if you have any thoughts or find any issues.


It looks nice, but I couldn’t review phrases I chose. When I do “Review now” it says “Session completed”
I have one more question. When I choose consistently : “Phrases”, "4-learned(only), lessons - “all”, sort by - “importance”, SRC date - “Due for review”, "Apply. I can see not only ‘4-learned’ phrases, but “Known - never review” as well ! How can I remove them from sight? I don’t want to look through them right now, I only want working with my “4-learned” phrases.

See my previous post the SRS function is not working!

If you are in the Phrases tab and select some phrases to review and click Review Now you should see the review activities. They are quite slow to appear right now, sorry about that. We are working on the performance. You’re saying this doesn’t work? If so, which browser are you in and please detail the exact steps you are taking.

Regarding the other issue, that is the way the page has always worked. Known status is just the final stage of Status 4. I understand the issue though and we will see if we can add a new option to filter those words out.

The lesson session doesn’t work. I searched for one of my imported lessons “Beginning to Pray 7” and nothing is found. I’ve tried various words and it just doesn’t come up. Also I have imported a bunch of lessons (40!) from the book “Цвет волшебства”, searching by this title returns no results. If I search with just the word “волшебства” I get part 14 but none of the other parts. Please could you look into this, it’s important to me to be able to review vocabulary on a per lesson basis.

We’ll get this fixed but for now you can just review it in the lesson itself by pressing the Review button.

Thanks, that would be great. Unfortunately the review button doesn’t quite do what I want as it allows one to review only those words which are “due”. I want to be able to review all words for a lesson that aren’t marked as known (i.e. what the system did for a long time previously). As I understand it the vocabulary screen is the only way to do this now, hence the lesson search is important to me.

I’m using mozilla firefox. What i’m doing is: going to the “vocabulary " then I’m choosing “phrases”, “filters”, taking away the ticks from “1-New” ,“2-Can’t remember”, “3-Not sure”. Then I’m choosing for “lessons” - “all”, for “sort by”- “importance”, for “SRS Date” - “Due for Review”(any date doesn’t work) ,then I click “aply” Then I tick “Term” becouse the button " Review Now” does’not work without that ( by the way - why? Why doesn’t it work automatically?), and voila the button " Review Now" works, but what can I see? Only the window with the phrase “Session Complete No more LingQs due for review today” That’s a pity, you know…
I think that only status “4-learned” doesn’t work normally for “All”,“Phrases”,“Due for Review(SPS)”

I do like the new look and feel the past couple of days, but silly question, what are the coins under terms for, and why do some have 'em and others don’t?

I usually use Multiple choice for reviewing my new words.
How can I get from this big table to my favourite Multiple Choice?
What do I have to press?
I tried to press some buttons here and I couln’t get to Multiple Choice.

Евгений вы можете выбрать один из четырех вариантов нажав значок “Настройка” в правом верхнем углу окошка с флеш-картами ( после того как запустите Review Now), там есть еще несколько настроек. То что Вам нужно - верхняя строка.

Анна, у меня английский интерфейс. Но не в этом дело - у меня нет никакого значка “настройка”, у меня есть значок Apply, который ничего не даёт, а выше Review now, который не работает.
Иногда случайно выскакивает Multiple choice на английском и французском, но я никак не могу добиться этого с итальянским, польским и греческим языками - там только такой общий список слов во весь экран, который показан здесь у Марка в начале этой “цепочки”.

Евгений, чтобы кнопка Review Now стала активной нужно поставить галочку в окошко “Term”, тогда Вы сможете воспользоваться кнопкой Review Now и увидите всплывающее окно с одной из флеш карт, так вот в правом верхнем углу этого окна есть значок в виде маленькой гаечки - это и есть значок “настройка” он на всех языках выглядит одинаково. Нажмете на него, увидите следующее всплывающее окно - верхняя строчка там это выбор между флешкартами, мультивыбором, диктантом и фразами.

Спасибо, Анна! Что-то получилось. Однако прибавилось несколько лишних действий, пока, наконец, начинаешь повторять слова.
Поэтому я все равно не понимаю, зачем все эти усложняющие жизнь новшества.
Чтобы дать работу своим программистам?..
Или чтобы привлечь своей пестротой несколько десятков новых тинейджеров?
Мне кажется, что для нормальных людей, желающих изучать языки, - чем проще, тем лучше.
И ведь так оно и было 7 лет назад!..
А затем начались все эти новшества, с каждым из которых система всё усложнялась и усложнялась…

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@neofight - If you are in the All tab, you should be able to review all words. In the Due for Review tab you should only see the words that are due.

Just click the Review button. Once there, you can click the Settings in the top right and de-select all activities but Multiple Choice. From then on you will only see Multiple Choice when you click Review. This setting is remembered.

Coins indicate the importance of the terms you have LingQed. 4 coins are the most important or most frequent words in that language. 1 coin words are least frequent. Coin indicators are only attached to words. Phrases won’t have them. The indicator is shown as coins because these are how many coins you earn when increasing the status of a word 1 step on our status scale. The importance was previously shown by asterisks.

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Ahh…yes, that is a bug. We will fix it so that these words and phrases will be reviewable on the Vocabulary page. I agree it doesn’t make sense to not be able to review the words you see in the list! In the Lesson Reader we don’t include these LingQs in the Review activity but here you should be able to review what you like.
We will also make it so that clicking Review automatically selects all terms in the list as happened in the old page. Please give us a few days and thanks for letting us know.

Yes, I see the issue now. We are working on enabling that on the Vocabulary page. Thanks!

That is strange that you can’t find these lessons. I can find all my lessons. Try searching just a part of the title. Also, make sure to hit enter to activate the search. If it’s not working, we may need access to your account to try and understand why. Have you previously opened all of these lessons?