Update on Icelandic

Figured I would keep whoever is interested up to date.

I turned in the texts for the 60 mini-stories a while ago but have only recorded about 10 of them. My home computer is worn down so I will have to buy a new one to be able to edit the sound files, although I can keep recording at the studio. I think it will be done early or late September.

LingQ will not be adding more languages before version 5 comes out though and it can also take some time for a language to be added after they get the mini stories.

I have also started to look for native Faroe Islanders to translate and read the mini stories and found some who might put in some work on it. If you are Faroese or know Faroese people who might want to help, please get in touch or point them my way.


Great news, Rokkvi. Thanks for the update and the work on getting Icelandic here.

As far as Faroese goes, I don’t know anyone who speaks it here in the states, but if others are interested I wouldn’t mind pooling resources to help bring it to life.

I’m more interested in Irish and Icelandic for now, but its fairly high up on my “someday” list!


Thanks for the update, Rokkvi!

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Thank you for your work Rokkvi!

By the way, in Google Books it is possible to find “Elementary Grammar of the Old Norse or Icelandic Language” by George Bayldon.

It is a nineteenth century book so it seems there are no copyright issues, so that it can be downloaded for free.

It may be outdated of course…


Thank you very much for your work on this, Rokkvi! Icelandic is definitely a language I could give a try one of those days.

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Hey that’s great to hear!

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Kept looking at the old thread for updates and just stumbled upon this one. Thanks for all your hard work and I am really looking forward to it.
There was some talk about gathering a beta group back in May’s LingQ Gathering #8. Anyone hear more about a possible/ intended release date?


I now have a new computer, which means I can edit sound files. I will soon get back to recording as well, this week or in the next one.


Latest news on this. I have now read all the stories as far as I can read them. While reading them I found some errors, despite having had a person proofread them before, so I made a few corrections to the texts, which means I´ll have to send the corrected versions to LingQ again down the line.

It remains to be seen whether I´ll have to re-read any of the material, but now I need to edit all of it. Another thing I need to do is have a female reader read all the parts where a girl or a woman is talking from their perspective (this is only abut 1/8 th or less of the total material though).

I had talked about having this done way earlier, but it should not really matter, since LingQ aren´t going to add any new languages until version 5.0 is out. I was mainly just too busy with my own language learning on LingQ to be able to do this as fast as I´d have wanted. I think everything should be done and sent to LingQ before the end of October or perhaps mid to late November, depending on whether anything changes for me.

I also managed to find some Faroese people, who are making fairly good progress in translating the 60 mini stories into Faroese.


Fantastic news. Thank you once again.


Since LingQ isn´t adding new languages until after version 5.0 comes out, I´m done with version 1.0 of the texts and starting to put mp3 files in there, I´d like like to share that work already. I am not sure whether sharing a link to a google drive folder works on the forum, but I´ll try and paste it at the bottom of this post.



Looks like it worked. I can see the link at least. I´ll add more mp3s in the coming days and weeks. I may do a second edition of the texts, since I´ve debated with myself and my friend Katrín (who proofread the first translations and is helping me read the stories) whether we should go further in the direction of making the texts seem like normal and natural Icelandic vs trying to teach exactly what the English version is teaching. Katrín has also now read all the stories told by women in the texts, so I should soon have all the sound files I need to make all the mp3s.


Very well done! The audio is very clear and high quality. Thanks for doing this!

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Wow the audio sounds really good!


Thank you. That´s because I rent a studio with a friend of mine and probably also because I have done a lot of work as a guide, radio host and stand up comedian. I used to joke that all my work was just talking and talking.


Thank you, it really makes a difference to have a studio to record in.

Thank you for pre-sharing. As you have seen, many of us are very excited about the project and thankful for your assistance.
If you had the time and energy to tailor the stories toward a more natural Icelandic, that would be even more helpful.
Thanks again for all your help, and I will start reading them today.


What I want to do is get this first version out as soon as possible and then go over everything again if I have the time. I think you can get stuck in endless improvements so much you never finish anything, so I think it´s better to put what I have out now and then have the option of making improvements later on.


I also just wanted to prove this was close to being done. I´d written about getting it done much, much earlier and not delivered on that, so one of my concerns was people possibly thinking I might not actually have done any real work on it and it never being finished.


Fantastic! I’m so excited to see Icelandic on here!

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