Unwanted Notification Emails

After I created the “Guns And The Second Amendment” thread a couple of days ago I get repeated notification Emails even though I have unckecked the “Watch thread” box. But everytime I came back to the forum it is checked again. What can I do?

I think you can’t unwatch threads that you created yourself.

Could someone from the Lingq team weigh in here? I find myself unchecking the “watch” box all the time, in fact right after posting this comment I had to do it again. I think this must be unintended, uncheck once should be enough.

This isn’t intentional – I’ll add it to the list, but it’s not a very high priority so I can’t speak to when we’ll actually get to it.

I understand your point about priority but then I’ll have to send all Lingq emails directly to the spam folder.

May I just ask a question? Is it because you receive the notifications on your mobile and you thus get swamped by them or are you just not interested in the replies? I can’t imagine indifference on your part.

In the meantime you can just add a filter in your email to delete emails with the words “Second Amendment” in them. We’ll see what we can do to get this fixed.

@Imyirtseshem - Is your issue also the same, where it only affects threads that you’ve started yourself? Otherwise the unsubscribe feature seems to be working properly.

@ Sanne, of course I am interested in the discussion and replies but yes, I don’t like my gmail account being flooded with these notification emails.

Edit: BTW, the “Watch Thread” box is checked again after this post of mine.

Friedemann, can’t you just mark these emails as spam?

My suggestion to the admins would be to place the "watch thread’ button right next to the ‘post’ button to make it easier for us users.

Well of course I can send Lingq mails to the spam folder, I only thought they would rather correct the issue than having their users taking that type of measures…will uncheck the box in a second after this is posted…

@Friedmann - I now understand what you mean. You will be automatically subscribed to a thread if you post on that thread. We recently added this at the request of several users who felt it much more logical that they would be subscribed to a thread after actively participating in it. I too feel that this approach is more logical and we plan on sticking with it at least for now. After posting, you’ll just have to tick the box at the top if you don’t want to receive notifications. Also, I did some testing with the notifications and didn’t seem to have any issues unsubscribing from threads that I started.

Subscription by default is ok, but why can’t I unsubscribe for good? Everytime I post a reply like this one the box is checked again, let’s see after this post…

Yep, “Watch Thread” is checked again…sigh…

BTW, even if someone else posts on a thread I initiated, I get automatically re-subscribed. Is all this intended?

The issue regarding posts on a thread you started but unsubscribed to isn’t something that was intended. Automatically getting subscribed to posts that you actively participate in is, as mentioned above.

It sounds like some of you want the option to turn off forum emails completely. This is something we can look at.

“Automatically getting subscribed to posts that you actively participate in is, as mentioned above.”

So you are saying, every time I post, no matter if I have created the thread or not, Lingq activates the “Watch Thread” box and a notification email is generated? If that is the case I’ll add lingq to my spam folder list.

We will no doubt miss your comments, Friedemann.

The mail says:

“You are receiving this email because you have selected to watch this thread on the LingQ forum.”

But, in fact, I only answered to a post (and I did not create that post). I NEVER selected to watch the thread!

Sorry to write this, but I find this very, very annoying.

It is often the case that a feature requested by one group of members is annoying to another group. We try to make things as useful as possible for the greatest number while annoying as few as possible. Mark, in an earlier comment here, has already said that he will look at making it possible to turn off forum emails completely.