Unwanted Notification Emails

I can see how many people would find it convenient to be automatically subscribed to threads they’ve participated in, but I personally would rather be able to make my own decision at the moment I’m posting in said thread, like in so many other internet fora.

Of course it doesn’t annoy me to have to ‘unwatch’ threads I’m no longer interested in, but it’s not ideal in my opinion.

“We will no doubt miss your comments, Friedemann.” ???

I wasn’t saying I wouldn’t comment anymore, what I said is that Lingq Emails won’t make it to my inbox folder anymore.

Steve said:

“It is often the case that a feature requested by one group of members is annoying to another group.”

Again, what some are objecting to is that Lingq automatically activates the watch thread feature after each post even if the poster has chosen not to watch the thread anymore. If “Watch Thread” is deselected once the system should accept it I think.

We can’t please everyone, and I don’t think adding a bunch of settings is a good direction to go in. Each option incrementally increases the complexity of the development and if only a handful of people use a specific setting then we’re usually better off focusing our time on other things. As far as our stance on this, please read Mark’s earlier post.


why is this so hard to understand??? You have the option to choose already in place, it is only that Lingq ignores how the user sets this option and always reverts to the default setting (box checked, that is). That doesn’t sound reasonable, now does it? Why have a check-box if the settings are being ignored?

If you had unsuscribed let’s say to a newsletter or something, what would you say if you had to do that every months or otherwise be swamped by emails? Complexity may be an issue but I just don’t think it is good manners in this day and age to send out a bunch of computer generated Emails and not give users the possibility to permanently opt out…

@Friedemann - Sorry, my previous message was directed at Imyirtseshem and was not regarding this specific issue.

Also, just so we don’t keep running around in circles, I’m reposting Mark’s comment below as it aptly sums this up:
“It sounds like some of you want the option to turn off forum emails completely. This is something we can look at.”

Alex, maybe you are doing this on purpose, I don’t know…

You really don’t have to shut off all notifications, just respect how the user sets this option.

Friedemann, just flag it as spam, buddy!

It works! :wink:

There is indeed a problem, I had unsubscribed to this thread, yet I’m still receiving emails. I’ll try to unsubscribe again after I post this, and see if I still get anything the next time anyone posts.

This is a bit of tempest in a teapot, affecting, and in some ways caused by, the very active posters on the forum, a very small group at LingQ. Most people can unsubscribe and stay unsubscribed, since they seldom comment.

Most newcomers do not deliberately subscribe to threads, therefore it is, in my view, useful to generate automatic email notifications for them when they do comment, in order to generate more participation.

I favour the solution of allowing members to decide to receive emails or not to receive email notifications. If people want to receive email notifications, they will usually want these notifications for threads on which they are active. If they do not want to receive email notifications they can look up the threads up on the site.

We just need to change the wording of the email.

Steve said:
“If they do not want to receive email notifications they can look up the threads up on the site.”

What the Lingq team does not seem to understand is that Lingq overrides one’s preference (unsubsribe) and goes back to subscription status after each post.

@Jay, yes, I have indeed flagged Lingq emails in my gmail account.

Friedemann, please read my post again, and if you still do not understand it send me an email but stop generating lots of unnecessary email notifications for other people who follow this thread.

I don’t want to generate unnecessary email notifications for other people who are following this thread, but I’d just like to add the unsubscribe feature is working. I don’t know why I received that one email after unsubscribing. Maybe someone posted at the same time as I did.

I just flagged all LingQ emails as spam, as I am not willing to go through all old threads to find out whether “Watch Thread” is checked or not, and to uncheck all this. I have better things to do, and I ask myself: Why do the LingQ people think that everybody who posts something in a LingQ forum thread is automatically interested in all the posts afterwards? This is a behaviour not to be found in any forum I know in the Internet.

Steve, I am sorry but this is getting somewhat comical now. Lingq is to blame for email notifications, not me. If you set up the system the way it is every post will generate notifications. I got subscribed to threads I did not even create only by posting.

I just left a test post on another thread “Several issues fixed”, a thread I had not created and became indeed a subscriber just by posting, unchecked the “Watch” box, posted again and became subsriber agin. No wonder people flag lingq emails.