Underline format not saved

I wanted to underline some words in a lesson I was writing, but when I saved the lesson, the format disappeared and the spaces before and after the underlined words disappeared, as well.
This happened both with Firefox 9 and with Chrome 15.
Has anyone else had this problem?

As far as I rememer it is known that this doesn’t work. I read this some time ago on the forum.

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Danke, Vera.

Why are the options of underlining and crossing out there if they don’t work? Using them during rereading of my conversation reports would be helpful to me. I would like to be able to make my mistakes and their corrections stand out when I am trying to learn. Can anyone make these functions work?

Hi mikebond and zkaplanova,

These options (underline, strikethrough, bold, italicize) have been the culprits behind some import formatting issues. We have suppressed the functions and will shortly be removing these icons from the main text box. If you would like to use underline, bold or italicize then you should consider using the Lesson Notes section (found under the “Select Resource” dropdown), since this text doesn’t interfere with the formatting of the lesson.

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I see that this issue is quite old and so I was wondering, has the bold and italics formatting been added back again yet? Or is that feature now gone. I have been trying to add some formatting to an imported lesson but it seems that the formatting does not stick.

@John1957 - All formatting for imported content is now stripped to ensure we don’t have problems caused by strange formatting in the imported text. Sorry about that. We have no plans to re-introduce italics or bold at this time.

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