Unable to delete a course I created myself

As I’ve been experimenting with my own custom tools for bulk import of lessons, I have a bunch of “test courses” created that have a lot of clutter in them. I just tried to delete one of them, and I got this message:
“Cannot remove the ‘HP4 - 2nd try’ collection because it contains items bought by some users”
This message makes absolutely no sense to me. The course, and all the lessons inside it are private.

Edit: I have just tried deleting an empty course, and it worked. That would mean I’d have to delete all the lessons from my courses before I can delete them. This can only be done manually, one by one. I have courses with about 300 lessons in them, so…

Oh, no! I hope you are a patient little soul :frowning:

Hi, I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand your reply. Is it supposed to be sarcastic?

No offence intended. I just felt for you (and all of us with masses of content). The prospect of having to delete 300+ lessons by hand is a bit daunting, isn’t it? It would be great if it could be made easier.

I see. I’m sorry for overreacting. Truth be told, when I discovered the issue, I looked at the HTML of the ‘edit course’ page, and started thinking about how to make a tool that would delete every lesson in a course. Then I remembered I’m already spending quite a bit of time devising tools to get around the quirks in the LingQ system, as well as what I consider to be missing basic functionality. If this were another free site, I wouldn’t think twice about it . But since I’m a paying customer of this site, I’m beginning to feel just a bit disheartened.

I do understand. It is very frustrating at times, let’s hope that Support will take note of your threads and make good use of them.

I spent quite a bit of time in the past deleting old courses lesson by lesson. These days, I just try to ignore that they are there.

I see. Alright, I’ll make something that can delete all lessons in a course. After I come back from my vacation. But I really feel this is something that should have been brought up with the support a long time ago.

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It has been:

Ce qui est dramatique, disait Camus, c’est que «la bêtise insiste».

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I get that this is a language learning site, but isn’t it a bit counterproductive to respond in French to a thread that’s in English?

Sorry it is inconvenient to you. That is a quote from solanderdog’s favourite French author.

This issue you raised has been discussed much more intentsely and in much longer threads over the years (other than those two threads listed above). Many people ended up deleting their accounts, instead of patiently deleting lessons, when they just wanted to downgrade (only allowed to keep five private lessons with free account).

Wow. I was aware they had a few technical issues that weren’t being fixed very quickly. But what you’re saying is they’ve had this issue, which by the way should be trivial to fix, for YEARS, they’ve been losing members over it, and yet they still haven’t fixed it? This is quite a bit more serious than I thought. (And here I thought they’d get to fixing those REST API calls I told them about in a few weeks.) I have one question though: When I ask them to fix something, they usually respond that they have other priorities. Any idea what those other priorities are?

It is quite easy to recreate an account when people decide to come back.

There is a site (Facebook or somewhere else) where they keep a list of priorities).

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve begun to add this feature. Stay tuned!

Hi Everyone,
Great News! This feature has been finished and will be added with the next update!
Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions, we’re always striving to make LingQ the best we all know it can be.

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That’s great news :slight_smile: Too bad you announced it the day after I wrote a script that deletes every lesson in a course :slight_smile:

I’ve made a PowerShell script that will delete every lesson in a target course. I’ve bundled it with my Bulk Import Tool, but you can use it independently of the tool. You can find it here GitHub - TheGreenAirplane/LingQBulkImporter: version 1
More details on the tool here I Made A Tool For Automated Importing Of Lessons To Lingq...

What’s the ETA on that?

There is quite a few improvements and fixes with the upcoming release which is exciting. It should be within the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!