Two issues

There are a couple of issues with the site I’ve been noticing lately and just want to make sure the staff is aware.

First, the search function for the forum and the help section simply do not work. No matter what I type in I get no results. In fact, I can’t tell if this issue or my next one have been talked about already because when I try to search for keywords I get nothing. I am also trying to find an explanation for how getting coins for listening and reading work in a 90 day challenge, but again, searches turn up nothing.

Second, my settings don’t stay set the way I’d like. I assume this has to do with updates to the site, but it is very annoying when I go to start a lesson and find that it goes to LingQ review after each page or moves words to known automatically. I always keep it set so it won’t do that, but periodically it switches back. Anything you could do to fix that would be great!

Of course, both of those are mentioned simply to give you notice. I love LingQ and appreciate how much the site has improved over the past few years.


Ok, now it has reset my reader settings twice in one day. That is a serious problem.

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And it did it again! Within the same lesson! I started a lesson last night and reset all of the settings to where I wanted them, and when I went back this morning it had undone all of my changes to the settings.

I do not work at Lingq, but for me it seems that is something wrong with your cookies configuration.

That’s possible, I guess, but I’m not sure account settings would be stored in cookies, would they? Also, I’ve been using LingQ for a long time and have just had this problem the past few days.

I think most likely they will be stored in cookies. I am pretty sure that most of the settings are not available across all devices.

Hi JDHallKY.
Strange, I can’t reproduce the issue, and most probably the problem is on your end.
Do you have any program that automatically clears cache and cookies on your device? If yes, that’s why your settings reset.

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It’s such a weird thing. For a few days, every time I came to the site my settings would be reset. This happened multiple times. Today, I loaded the lesson I had started yesterday, in order to finish it, and all my settings were right where I left them! At no point did I change any settings on my computer or browser. So I have no idea.

I am still having the second problem on a recurring basis. I acknowledge it could be on my end, but I’ve tried everything I can think of and gone through all my settings, and can’t figure it out. So if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

The first problem was never addressed, but it is also frustrating. Every time I try to search for a topic I get no results.

Regarding the settings, I’ve had the same exact issue over the past week or so. Whether it’s cookies or not, I’m not sure. It would be good to know if there is a fix for this on our end.

JDHallKY, what browser and OS are you using when you experience this? I’m on Mac and Safari.

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I found different issues with some German lessons and I contacted the support a couple of weeks ago, yet neither I have received any answer, nor I noticed any change in the lessons. Do you think that the system is kind of abandoned?

I also use Mac and Safari. I have tried all I can think of. I have reviewed the settings for Safari generally and for in particular. I have cleared my history and cookies (to great annoyance, given how that logs you out of every website), but nothing has made any difference.

No, they are constantly working on it, I think. This is just a weird issue that they haven’t been able to duplicate themselves.

Now the language I am seeing is Russian, I think. I can’t read the settings tab instructions, so I can’t change it back. Oh dear!

I got it! If it happens to anyone else, English is the first language on the list.

Today I have updated my iPhone X to iOS 12. now the LingQ app is constantly crashing on the startup. Any solution?
Now whenever I will open its simply loading a blank screen and crashing eventually after few seconds. Any help??

Harminder Das

They should reply at least, that they have a plan to fix the problems, otherwise it’s like they do not care at all. I like the LingQ method, but as I’m spending more and more time here I figure it out that the quality of the available content is often not of good quality.

This remains a major annoyance for me. Every day, and sometimes multiple times a day, occasionally twice in one session, I have to reset all of my settings, clear out the “tip” that I can save phrases, etc., as if I’ve not been using the website all the time. I’m willing to accept that it is on my end, but it’s not simply cookies because whether I save the cookies or delete them it does the exact same thing. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I realize it doesn’t prevent me from using LingQ, but it makes using LingQ on my computer a frustrating experience, which it does not have to be.

@seoking - That seems strange. Are you sure about that?

@tuzogep - Did you send your email to support at lingq dot com? You should get an answer within 24 hours if not sooner.