Translation button broken on long sentences

As of within a week or so, the translation button is being very inconsistent. I’ve noticed for long sentences, it will either not load at all (keep spinning) or load a text that has nothing to do with the book I’m reading. I’ve never had a long sentence load properly anymore, which means half the book I have no idea what is going on unless I’ve gotten good enough to read the target language. Even when I do know, I like to translate to capture nuances I probably missed.

Small sentences seem to work fine most of the time.

I’m really bummed because of how annoying this is

This is on ipad with the latest version using an imported ebook. Never had trouble like this about 9 months of daily use.

Please help!

In the following thread I was actually reporting this same issue:

Which language are you experiencing issues with?

In my case with Japanese I’ve noticed problems especially when Japanese quotation marks (「」) are involved, although sometimes it responds strangely (or doesn’t respond) in sentences without it.

I think it’s a problem with the tool they use (DeepL), but I hope it gets fixed soon because it’s very annoying and creates a lot of uncertainty about whether we are understanding a text correctly or not.

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Hey thanks for the reply. This issue is still driving me nuts, especially when it will give me a translation that is NOWHERE near what the original text is. Like, where is it pulling the text from? Some other book?

Yes indeed my target language is Japanese. I’m glad to see that thread you referenced. It does indeed sound like the same issue.

Honestly, this change has killed my desire to keep using this software, which is a shame because I highly recommended it to so many people. I regret that now. Hopefully the change will get reverted or otherwise fixed. It’s gone from good to horrible, UX-wise. It’s REALLY bad.

I’m going to try my best to get past the loads of sentences I’m not longer getting a translation for, but if this isn’t fixed by the time my subscription renews, I’m out, and telling everyone else to stay away too. It’s that bad of a change.

I’ve also noticed recently a lot more words won’t have the kana included, but I can live without that and think it’s probably unrelated.

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

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@zoran A non-sense translation from today as an example:

Original text:



‘Hurry up~’ And, for some reason, a seductive voice came flying.

Lingq automatic translation:

The first time I saw the “M” in the name of the “M”. I was surprised to hear it.

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@zoran The translation system continues to provide incorrect and nonsense translations. Any progress?

I am still waiting to hear back from our team, we are looking into it.

Thank you @zoran , if the teams needs more examples I can provide more.