Top 10 Tags 2 Use :-O

What would be the top 10 personal tags to use as a beginner language learner?
I’ve asked ChatGPT and gained some good ideas but what would you use?

My language goal is to understand and be understood in rural Portugal.

These are the ideas I’ve got:

  1. Food
  2. Weather
  3. Agriculture
  4. Greetings (and courtesy phrases)
  5. Animals
  6. Family: (and relations eg friend)
  7. Emotions:
  8. Community Engagement: festivals, markets, celebrations, ceremony
  9. Environment: Words and phrases related to the natural surroundings and landscape of rural areas. Example #countryside #fields #forest #river #mountain

I want a few good ones rather then get confused with what I am tagging. :disguised_face:

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