To all Romanian learners


To all Romanian learners, there’s a great series on Kanal D’s YT channel called, “ În Cautarea Adevărului” but there are no Romanian subtitles available. I’ve been asking through the comments section for them to add them but to no avail, however, maybe with some people power we could get them to sub this great series. Therefore, I urge all learners of Romanian to drop a request for Romanian subs in their comment section.

O zi bună, tuturor !!

PS. Kanal D actually has lots of great content but it seems there are no subtitles for any of their shows. It would be an absolutely great source if subs were added.

Have you tried using the extension in Google Chrome called Language Reactor…? It provides subtitles and a word list. Not sure if it covers Romanian as I have not started Romanian yet, but might be worth a look.

LR has to have access to subtitles to work. So, if the YouTuber didn’t upload subs and/or mark the subbing language correctly (for auto-generated subs on YouTube to kick in for LR to grab and display).

Unless it’s Netflix ASR, LR can only display what’s already there (accept for the machine translation line they are capable of doing/displaying as the second set of subs).

There is no ASR for YouTube yet, so it would have to have some type of subs available to work.

I think the Rooster Youtube Tools for LingQ might be able to help in this case — if a single type of subs exist.

I used it on a YouTube video missing Korean subs the other day and it was able to give them to me because the video had at least a single type of subtitles/CCs.