I love using LingQ. I can’t seem to wrap my head around ‘points’, ‘coins’, LingQs. I don’t get them and can’t seem to find a clear explanation of them. And for some reason, without having these answers, I’m so distracted with them. So…

Would someone PLEASE help me so I can get to work and focus. LOL


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First, don’t blame yourself. Suffice it to say, from the user point of view LingQ is a mess. Everything is a research project.

Points are used for buying tutor time and pay-to-play lessons. See [username]/Profile/Settings/Points.

Coins are earned by using LingQ – reading, listening, speaking, writing, marking words and phrases as LingQs then checking them as Known. Coins are really about streaks.

See [username]/App Settings/General/DAILY STREAK TARGET. You set your streak target in Coins and each day you make your Daily Streak Target increments your Streak. Which is only important if you care about your Streak.

The Streak is useful for self-motivation. I confess I care about my Streak, so I make sure, if I get nothing else done that day, to hit my Streak. (Hey! I’m up to a 401 day Streak.)

If you fail to meet your Streak Target, your Streak is reset to zero. However, your daily Coins accumulate and can be used to restore your Streak, though I’m not sure how. It seems quite a lot of people are baffled by this and end up asking for help in a Community topic. Then Zoran steps in and manually restores the Streak.

People have asked how to check one’s accumulated Coins, but one can only see how many “Coins earned last 30 days: xxxx” below “HOURS OF SPEAKING” in the right-hand column of Statistics.

A LingQ, as I understand it, is any word or sequence of words one has clicked or selected and clicked so that it turns yellow.

Most of this doesn’t matter unless one is interested in paying for extras by Points or maintaining one’s Streak by Coins.


Thanks so much. Now I know I can ignore the heck out of all of it because I don’t care about points & coins… I just want to work undistracted. I wish there was a way to turn them off and/or hide them from my workflow… anyway, you’ve been a great help! Thank you.