I need to check how many coins I have and repair my streak before midnight tonight

how can I do this? these two things I find, should be much easier to locate on the site

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I fixed your streak. You can see your total coins earned number under the Statistics.

Hi Zoran, I’m in the same situation as OP, and cannot find the key bit of information, which is how many coins I have right now. You point us to the Statistics page, which shows cumulative coins earned over various time ranges, but does not show total current count. And it’s hard to extrapolate that number from the data which is given.

This number (“current coins”) is only really meaningful in my current situation: I’ve lost my streak, and when I try to repair it I’m told “You don’t have enough coins to repair your streak”. I want to know how many coins I have know, so that I can decide if it will be feasible to earn enough today to reach 5000 and repair my streak.

Clearly the system knows what this number is. Can it indeed be found somewhere? If not, could you display it on the Stastics page? If there’s no good place for this number on that page, then a decent alternative would be to display current coins on the “Repair Streak” pop-up (for users without sufficient coins). You could rewrite the message quoted above, to something like this:

“For 5000 coins you can repair your streak. Right now you have X coins. Catch up today, and keep up the daily practice!” … You can adjust the motivational message as you like :wink:

I imagine that the main goal of streaks, and coins, and the ability to repair streaks with coins, is all to incentivize daily practice. Making the process more transparent would be helpful for users (like myself now) trying to push through slumps and missed goals.


That’s the only way at the moment, but we will see what we can do to improve things.

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One more thing I’ve just noticed. I decided to make the push to earn 5000 coins today (even though I did not know how far I’d have to go), with the hope of repairing my streak with those earned coins. However, once I reached my coin threshold for establishing a new streak, the option to repair my old streak went away. Is that intended behavior? If so, it has taken away the incentive for me to spend more time on LingQ today (at least the artificial streak-based incentive!).

… I guess my request is now two-fold:

  1. For users who have lost their streak and do not have enough coins to repair it, allow them to earn enough coins and to repair their streak, even if doing so also establishes a new streak.
  2. Show users how many coins they currently have, either on the Statistics screen, or on the “You don’t have enough coins to repair your streak” popup.

Hi Zoran. Just wanted to ask if there is any chance the changes I suggested above might someday be implemented. It seems fair and logical to let users earn enough coins to repair their streak, and to let them know how many coins they need to earn in order to do so.

A few other users of “Liked” my post over the past couple months, which makes me think others have found themselves in the same situation I described, and wished they could work their way out of it as I suggest. (Seems this would be the better option than posting in the forums asking you to repair a streak, which currently is pretty common!)

At the moment we won’t make any changes there, at least not in the near future. But we do have in plans to get back to this too one day.

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Please help me too — I cannot find any way to repair my Icelandic streak, although I have tons of coins…

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@IngaElise Your streak is fixed and active.