Thinking of buying a tablet for Ling - does it work well on yours?

Hi All,

I would prefer not to sit at my computer all day as I’ve only got a work one and I still feel at work when I’m on it :frowning:

I’m thinking of buying a tablet to use lingq as it’s not a great experience on my phone (xiaomi, I think there are compatibility issues). At the moment the app is pretty much only good for reviewing and listening to lessons but not creating lingqs

Before I go ahead could you please let me know how well the app works on your tablet? I’ll probably buy a samsung galaxy a 10.1 (budget tab) as I don’t have the funds for an ipad.

It would also be used for other language learning so it’s not only for lingq but it is definitely the primary driver.

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I think LingQ stopped the development of the Android app a long time ago. I think everybody who says they are using the app for studying, in fact, use it on iPhones and iPads. On all of my android devices, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, there are some bugs in the app. And for me, it is not really comfortable to use Chrome browser for studying at LingQ on 10" screen. Nevertheless, the app is quite decent, as the bugs don’t bother me when I’m doing a lesson. The problems I noticed in the app are the lagging player, bad speech synthesizer and challenges.

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Not true for me. Mine was updated June 6, 2020. Granted, nothing exciting in awhile, but as you point out, aside from a few bugs I like the app.

For me I have a Huawei Media Pad 3 (8 inch). I use LingQ from time to time on it. I do most of my LingQ activities on the phone though…Pixel 3a XL. Mostly because I always have that on me and can whip it out for some quick LingQ activities.

It does have it’s issues with speech…on some imports the sentence mode playback doesn’t work (usually imported books and the like). One thing that’s great about the app is you can highlight a far larger amount of text…So you can get a translation on a full sentence (when not in sentence mode) or more than one sentence.

Would I buy a tablet solely for LingQ? Probably not. I have other reasons for having a tablet. Watching movies, reading e-books…etc.

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Android app is updated regularly too, we haven’t stopped working on it.
Soon, we will launch LingQ 5.0 and it will come on web and both apps (iOS and Android). After we launch it, we will shortly after that work in tablet mode for Android too.


Hi Zoran!
Any approximate dates regarding the update?

I use Android. Support has never stopped and LingQ 5.0 will be available on Android.


Probably September.


I use it on the iPad Pro. It works great, smooth as butter.

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Hi Zoran, does this mean that currently the app doesn’t work if the tablet is horizontal?

There’s no way i can get an Ipad Pro unfortunately.

For me tablet works

On my android tablet it doesn’t flip horizontal.

I use the web interface on a Chromebook, and it works great, just like a desktop computer. That’s not exactly what you asked, but a Chromebook is much like a tablet with a keyboard – it ca run Android apps and can run the LingQ app. The app works fine on Chrome, but swiping is a bit awkward requirig two fingers on the touchpad. I don’t know if there are Chrombooks with touch screens – that really would be a tablet with a keyboard.

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That’s correct, unfortunately it won’t work horizontal for now. On some tablets it will work just fine vertically but not on all devices. We will make sure to have that taken care of, it’s on our list.

I bought a regular used iPad on eBay in January 2018, primarily for LingQ use

I bought a cheap (50 usd) tab just for LingQ. It does its job very nicely. Mine is the newest gen kindle fire with LingQ sideloaded, although they may have an official Amazon app (I believe they do, I just don’t bother as Amazon doesn’t technically exist in my country no reason to invest in the ecosystem).

Thanks for all the responses on this! It seems like a tablet will work OK, but unless I buy an Ipad it won’t work in tablet mode! I will keep an eye out for a good deal but I definitely won’t rush to buy a tablet and it seems like LingQ 5.0 might resolve my phone issue…

Hi Zoran, is there any way to get an update on the official Kindle app? Mine has been stuck in the old version for years now…

I use it on my iPad Air 2 and works perfectly.

We haven’t updated it in while, that’s unfortunately correct. As soon as we are done and release LingQ 5.0 we will look into updating the Kindle app too.