The updated LingQ

We should have some answers later today,and will be working through the weekend.

We have discovered an update we have to make to the database. Please bear with us. We are hoping this will resolve some of the issues some of you are having. We will be shutting down the site for 15 minutes or so commencing immediately.

It seems that clicking the play button within a lesson simply links to a download for the audio file rather than playing the recording using the embedded player. Is this a permanent change, or a temporary workaround? It is certainly easier (for me at least) to read the lesson text and play the audio using the built-in player at the same time rather than having to open the file in an external audio player, though I am sure that I can manage either way.

I am also curious to know if anyone else is experiencing similar behavior here on LingQ.

Thanks for your time!

Ok so I don’t know how I’m going to explain this… On my home page everything is all over the place there are words where I expected the little pictures and links that don’t go anywhere. I really don’t know how to explain sorry.

I see what ejjret was talking about. I tried to highlight a phrase and some of the words disappeared from the text and didn’t show up in the popup box. It happened in a few places and again when I went out of the lesson and back in to try again. I do like the popups and having known words in a different color. They are useful improvements when the bugs get worked out.

In the French lingq, with the new highlighting system, it will highlight whole contraction words (such as qu’on for example), where as I may want to make a lingq card for just “on”. I also am unable to highlight, copy, and paste a given part of the lesson into an external translator, such as Google, which is something that I use extensively in the beginner stage. If I highlight a complete sentence, then the entire sentence turns blue as if it were an unknown word, something which I can only fix by refreshing. I am not sure about other people, but the fixed frame from before was something I actually found useful and enjoyed.

First of all, thank you very much for this updates and your hard work. It needs some time to get used to the new interface, but I know all updates are for member’s good. So, again, thank you!
Secondly, could anyone make a to-do list of problems we have so far? It is going to be hard for all members, especially for those who don’t read English easily, to follow what are said and what are fixed. Does anyone know a good shared to-do list site?
Finally, except above problems, I found one too.

  • When I click “update setting” of “my picks” on the library, a blank white page with “OK” is shown. I want it go back to the library.

Yes the audio is not working and will be back as soon as possible, and there are other issues. We will be working on them. Please keep reporting problems. We hope to solve them all. Your patience is appreciated.

Emma, that may be a good idea but right now I think that Mark and the programmers know some of the basic issues so lets them resolved first. Then Mark may want to have a list with some kind of priorities attached to them.

I know Mark spent a fair amount of time on the French in the QA server so I am sure these are temporary glitches.

I have lots of problems now to do my lingqs in the Chinese section… Basically, I can’t lingq many characters and then lingq them one by one, or even underline a sentence and lingq a single word after that… and the system seem to now count every character as a single words because in some words made of two characters, only the character that I haven’t seen yet is blue (but I know for sure they are two-characters-words).

@ nz_nathan,

Clear your browser’s cache, it should help. (I actually had the same problem :frowning: ) Do a quick google search if you don’t know how because it change depending of the browser you use. If it doesn’t work, delete cookies and history too.

I cannot open my discussions. I get “Java script empty”. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thank you very much for updating.
There is only problem I have just found now.

I cannot put a text on the box to import.

Oh yes, I won’t ask Mark to make a to-do list. He must be super busy right now. I wanted to ask some volunteers to make one for us. If I know a good site, I could make one in my funny English… :wink:

oops, hiro00 was me.

Ahem. So far, I have one word to describe the changes—ouch. Will have to take a deep breath and have a second go at it.

(Off investigating.)

A few more words have formed in my tired brain.

  1. No way of knowing which page you’re actually on in the “Go to page:” field.
  2. Alphanumeric sorting still does not handle numbers correctly: 1, 10, 11, … 19, 2, 20, 21, …, etc.
  3. The new visuals are misleading and counterintuitive. Dark green buttons vs. dirty ruby-red ones? Odd alignment. What about colorblind people? The progress bars in v1.0 (as it were) were better.
  4. Check the New Words/My LingQs floating palette in Safari when the horizontal scroller is active. It does weird positioning stuff when you scroll down a little.
  5. Clicking the huge (?) play button downloads the file instead of playing it back in the browser.

Tested on Safari 4.0.2 (5530.19)

Hello Steve and Mark,

I always thought that LingQ should have used the database of a specific user to automatically translate the words unknown to the specific user. In my opinion, before now LingQ as a program was (mostly) a tool that helped review things. Since now it may become (also) a tool that helps to read !!! (and understand as you read) in a second language. LingQ, IMHO, should have done this step three years ago.

In short, I like what you have done ( with the focus on and automatic hinting of the unknown words) very much!

It is not yet “automatic translation” of the unknown words with a dictionary, isn’t it ? I mean it depends on the availability of the hints collected (or not yet collected) by all users, isn’t it? Do you have plans to involve the online dictionaries? No dictionary is currently functional, as I see it.

Of course there are issues and bugs, but they will be resolved. I wanted to congratulate rather than criticize.

A good layout testing technique: resize your browser window so that both vertical and horizontal scrollers appear.

Forum-related glitch: after submitting a post, the forum loads the first page of a thread, rather than the last one.

There have been a lot of issues raised here. I will try to deal with them all.

First of all, thanks for your patience today. The changes we made to the site were major changes and we probably pushed them to the site a little soon but it isn’t that easy for us to simulate the production server environment and we tend to always want to get our changes up sooner rather than later. :slight_smile: Now we have clear issues to resolve and we should have the bulk of the issues dealt with over the weekend.

I have read each and every thread posted here and we will deal with all issues mentioned. The key issues initially are:

  • the flash audio player on the Lesson page and in the lesson previews wasn’t working. Therefore, we have set up the player to download the audio file for now. You can play the file on your default media player. We are hopeful that the flash player will be working properly tomorrow.
  • some of you are not seeing the popups on the Lesson page. It does not seem to be a browser issue but instead is related to individual accounts. This should be resolved tomorrow.
  • some words with apostrophes and phrases are not selecting properly and/or are not shown properly in the popup or widget. There is an issue with the phrase selection mechanism. You are supposed to be able to highlight whatever phrase you want and then hovering on the highlighting should open the blue popup for it. This should be functioning tomorrow or by Sunday at the latest.
  • some of you are experiencing problems with the Known and I Know All buttons. These problems should be fixed tomorrow.
  • Tutors from all languages are displayed in the Conversations List. This list should only show tutors for the language you are studying. This should be fixed tomorrow.

These are the main issues that we are going to be working on over the next few days. I will address the other posts in a subsequent post.