The updated LingQ

It will take a while to sort out a number of issues related to the update. Please let us know of any issues and problems that you find.

Please report problems and issues on this thread so that I do not have to read too many threads to keep up with user issues.

I cannot get the audio to play. I press the play button and it turns into the pause symbol like it should, but the audio never starts playing.

I was going to update my uploads and couldn’t choose the accent. I could only select “none”, no other choices available. (this is in the Import tab)

I tried to prelisten to content but no sound came out, it just changed from the play icon to the " icon, but nothing happened.

Another thing is… In the library if you choose for example “Food”, you can see the “most popular” tab and “result of your search”… and there you just have 7 to choose from.
Before I could see all the content from day 1, but now I only see a few.

Spanish content
Safari, Mac

The huge green bar saying 50% off is quite bothersome…

I have some problems with the library.

When I choose a lesson from the library I cannot see the collection any longer. I love to find content by collections! Some of my content is in a form that you start with item 1, then follows item 2, 3 etc.

I see no longer the percentage of unknown words in the overview. I have to click on the lesson.

I cannot see me shared lessons on the “New lessons” site. This is important for me to make sure that I add the content in a correct way.

I loved in the past to let the search field blank and open the library. Then I could sort by “Date added” and so I saw the latest added content (more than the 15 ones on the main page).

The audio is not working. We are working on it.

When I try to save my “blue” words (i.e. make them known words) I get an “internal error” and can’t do it.

That aside, great idea highlighting unknown words for new content in a different colour ! Makes it much easier to scan text quickly to review words you’ve not seen before. This is an important new feature…

With regard to all of the new features, there are some things that are not working, and some things are design changes.

Please let us have all of your comments and we will work to answer or resolve them over the next little while.

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated. Please keep the comments coming.

As I wrote in the previous thread:

I’m used to highlight the text while I’m read on a computer, and I’m sure it’s a common habit. Now with the new system it can cause some serious messing to the text. Just try it out and you’ll understand.

Don’t forget about up :wink:

When you hover over words such as (in French) “l’arbre” and try to LingQ them, it only takes the letter before the apostrophe, rather than the full word. Same for reflexive verbs like s’inquieter.

Hi. First of all, thanks for the improvements! It’ll be for another thread though :slight_smile:
So, I can’t neither get the audio play.
Regarding the library, it’s a bit confusing and before we could see all contents at once, the latest ones and more contents in the categories we choose.
On the writing area, I see my students and own writings! Why do I see my students writing since I have access to them in the tutor area?
In the speaking area, the schedules of every tutors, no matter the languages, are mixed. How do a student know the tutor correspond with the language learnt. There are the filters of course and we can choose the tutors from the list but we have to choose them one by one or we look at the list, remember the names and look at all schedules afterward.

On the speaking site I see all tutors. I only want to see the English tutors.

Don’t forget about it I mean of course.

It also would be nice if there was an option to edit your posts and some sort of personal messaging here… for the next upgrade :slight_smile:

“When you place your cursor on a blue word, a popup will appear” → Nothing happens when I do this. I tried IE7 and FF. I cannot LingQ a word.

My monitor seems to be to small. Did you test on wide screen monitors only?
I see 3 of the lessons steps in one row and the fourth one is under the third one.
I I choose the smallest text size than I have the 4 steps in one row on the start site. On the lesson site I still have 3 in a line and one in the next line.
But then I have a problem on the Community page. The blue headline is mixed with the informations below (I cannot better explain it).

In “My writing” on the start site is a mixture of my writings, and the corrections that I did.

Mark is unavailable right now and he will be answering later as to what is a new feature and why as opposed to what is simply a malfunction.

We ask our existing users to remember that one major reason for making changes is that only a small percent of visitors (perhaps the more intelligent ones) could figure out how to use our site. It is inevitable that some of the changes to the Library and elsewhere will be less convenient for members who are already used to the previous system. We need to make the site user friendly for a much larger group.

I am sure that once we resolve the problem of malfunction, we will have lots of time to deal with design issues to satisfy most of our users and still have things easier for newcomers.

Since our key developers are now going to sleep in their time zone, we may not resolve many of these issues before tomorrow.

We may go through a rough few days but with your help we will be better off at the end of it.

It needs a long time to open a lesson.

The hint for the blue and yellow LingQ’s works in some lessons with IE7 (but not FF). Also it works not for all of the lessons. Very strange.

Here are the issues that I’m seeing:

  1. The LingQ system doesn’t work at all. In Firefox, when I double-click on a word it selects more than one word and in IE it selects a single word, but in neither case does it display any translations or user hints. There are no links to any dictionaries like there were before. Tested with Portuguese text.

  2. For Japanese text, both IE and Firefox select more than word. Again no translations, hints or links to dictionaries appear.

  3. The layout on the main screen on IE is jumbled with things misaligned and layered on top of each other.

  4. As others have reported the audio doesn’t work.

  5. The library used to list the percentage of unknown words below each lesson. Now I have to click on each lesson to see the number. For me this is an important loss of functionality–I used to select my lessons based on the percentage. (I’ve always wanted to be able to filter on this percentage, but I guess that’s a feature request.)

Until these these things are fixed, LingQ is basically useless to me. Fortunately, I’m going on vacation soon so it doesn’t matter much. :slight_smile:


How works the filter on the library site? It seems to have no effect.