The Third Ear by Chris Lonsdale

Alicia53 has written on her blog about reading Chris Lonsdale’s The Third Ear. It sounds quite interesting. Before I splash out on it I’d like to hear what others may think. Has anyone else bought/read it?

The Third Ear. The Third Ear - Chris Lonsdale - Google ブックス
You can read part of the book on the above site.

Is there anyone who is going to tout The Third Eye method instead?

The third eye might refer to the virtual eye that can read between the lines.

After reading about it, (not it itself), it seems like a bit of a waste of money. Those who have read it, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like any other method you can get for free on the internet. It’s essentially this:

  1. Use a few words and phrases whenever you can.
  2. Use the language as often as you can (like listening to something although you don’t understand it). This gets you used to the sounds and rhythm of the language.
  3. Don’t worry about mistakes as these are what are truly stopping you.

To me, that is the same generic advice which is used for nearly all language learning tapes, programs and books out there. As I said before though, if I am wrong, I’d stand happily corrected and may by the book for myself if this is so. Sorry if I sounded rude there.

The descriptions by Chris Lonsdale of the “adult advantage” are encouraging.

@tora3, Yes, I agree. It’s good to see some positive mentallity in there and not “kids are the best at it”. I agree with him there because afterall, while they may be better at absorbing the information, we are making a conscious effort to use it and remember it. It does just seem like a motivational tool though.

Thanks to Alicia for sharing this!

And thanks to Tora3, too, for reminding us of Kató Lomb in a parallel thread!

And as to Tora3´s “third eye” post, there was a scandal around a book called the Third Eye in the late 50s, I dimly recall. The author later admitted it was a fraud. Can anyone remember the name of the guy?

The Third Eye of T. Lobsang Rampa The Third Eye of T. Lobsang Rampa (1956)

You are a walking memory stick! Thank you!

Thanks Yvette but by the way, I don’t make assumptions, I evaluate and judge.I’m logical (I don’t want to sound pretentious). I only briefly flicked through the google books preview though but after what you said, I may read it. I have to say, I disagree with this bit:

“Learning to pronounce a new language is a very physical activity. When you are being successful at ‘getting’ a new language you will literally feel it in your face and mouth. The slight aches and pains are your feedback to tell you that you are improving”

It should feel easier to pronounce and far more natural. You get this ache at the beginning, not when you are improving. These aches should go away when you are improving. Afterall, it doesn’t hurt when I speak English. That’s why it seems more of a motivational tool.

Sorry if that sounds rude by the way.I can see that can be read in the wrong way.