How to learn any language in six months?

Where do you have your third ear?

I have a friend from Australia. I visit him once a week to talk with him in English. Today he mentioned Chris Lonsdale’s video. After I came home, I found that his “third ear” had already been referred to on our LingQ forum, although I still don’t know what “third” literally refers to.


A lot of what he says is simple common sense, mostly true, the rest is just ‘hot air’ with a few observational cases thrown in and presented like it was a new discovery - very unscientific hearsay!

There is a reason he wasn’t invited to prestigious TED where the big boys play! TEDx is where I believe you can self-invite.


As you say, we discussed this years ago. I have the book which is a pleasure to read - it’s a good summary of best practice with some personal observations, tips and ?unverified? cases studies thrown in. Old hands at language learning know there is nothing new under the sun, but we keep looking for the magic key to unlock the mystery … you should see my bookshelves.