The New Minimized View

On the LingQ blog is the New Minimized View announced:

It is really nice getting some of the ‘old’ LingQ feeling back! I’m very glad about these changes. Thank you very much.

I’ve recognized some minor problems (tested with Firefox):

  • If I tag a word the list of existing tags is not shown.
  • When I looked up a second word in the dictionary (Babylon for English-German in this case), the first three or four lines of the definition were not shown. Looking up the first LingQ and going back solved the problem. I was not able to reproduce it, but I’ll test more today.

I like the minimised view but I have an issue as well now (either minimised or not): I can no longer select a word that isn’t blue/yellow/underlined, and I can’t select a phrase unless all words are blue/yellow/underlined. (Using Safari on a MacBook Air.)

Thanks @Vera :slight_smile: we will continue working on some minor issues. Let us know if you find any other bugs.

@jungleboy - we will look into it. I seems to be an issue with highlighting any words and phrases multiple times. At a certain point it stops highlighting. Meantime, refreshing the page should temporary help. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yes, I would like to report a problem:

  1. Open a lesson.

  2. Click on the pensel before a hint.

  3. An empty box opens (WRONG of course)

  4. The next times when you click again on the pencil for another word, it shows the first word in the hint box. (WRONG of course).

I hope this is clear enough.

BTW I think this minimised view is an improvement! Thanks.


@silviad - we will look into it. Thanks for the information!

This isn’t a good change for desk top!

  1. Why is the pop-up for blue words so big now? It obstructs more text. Please shrink it down to no bigger than it was before. Also, sometimes I can’t close it, and have to resort to highlighting another word to make it go away. Please fix.
  2. Why does the pop-up for yellow words linger longer now? Please reduce the linger time back to what it was before.

I’m happy too about the new minimized view since I have “stubbornly” continued to use LingQ in the “old” way,

I agree that the the pop-for blue words is annoyingly large.

And the pop-up when you choose “all words known” is annoying also at this point. (I suppose I can get used to it.) After I click o “all words known”, I am usually not finished with the lesson - in other words not ready to do the things listed on the pop-up.

It would be great if there would be one more choice: Return to top of page or lesson.

@Wulfgar, @Jingle - thanks for your feedback guys! We continue working on it. There will be some improvements and additional adjustments. We are keeping your suggestions in mind.

Also, after selecting the definition for one blue word, please don’t scroll down to the next blue word. I often need to edit the definition, so please leave it on the word whose definition I just selected.

When I’m going through a lesson on my phone, and create/save a LingQ, the page seems to refresh and ‘scroll up’ to the top of the page again. To get back to where I left off, I need to scroll all the way down again and find my spot.

Is anyone else having this problem? Or am I doing something wrong? It’s just particularly frustrating as my ‘page’ is also very long as it’s a 25-page book chapter that I’ve imported! Thanks for any advice.

are you using the newest update? It seems to be a old version.


I downloaded the app a couple of days ago from Google Play… but I will have a bit more of a play or maybe re-install and see if that fixes things. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Wulfgar - when you select a blue word, are you able to see a pencil icon left of a hint?

@debbielim - we have pushed an update today. Please update your app from Google Play. It should fix some issues :slight_smile:

@galina - Yes. I tried this and if I hover over the definition the edit pencil appears. If I then select the pencil, I can edit it and it doesn’t scroll. So I’ll use that work around. But I’m not sure who would want the text to scroll; it would be easier to just click without having to think about the pencil.

I think I read this already, but sometimes highlighting white words stops working, and the work around is to refresh the page, which is time consuming.

Hi @Wulfgar - it seems that before the update it was differently for some members (including you) as we were testing two different options. Now it is the same for all members. To edit a hint before saving a LingQ, just click the pencil icon. Also, there is a shortcut “shift + Enter” which allows you to edit the definition before you save it.

We have pushed another minor update today, so the issue with highlighting should be fixed now. If you still experience it, please let us know.

As I wrote in my first post I was really excited to get the minimized view back. When I clicked on “Search dictionary” the dictionary opened immediately. That was great! But with the latest change it does not open any longer immediately. I have to make a second click now on “Look up in a dictionary”.

There is still a tagging problem: if I tag a word the list of existing tags is not shown.

  • Tested with Firefox -

I really like it that the lesson goes immediately to the minimized view for me.

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@VeraI - these issues are on our priority list. Hope to have them fixed soon!

@Jingle - great to hear that! :slight_smile:

Hi Vera! Just want to let you know that the dictionary issue should be fixed. Now it should open automatically when clicking “search dictionary”.

Thank you Galina! Sounds great. I’ll test it.