The Facebook poll system: an opportunity for who doesn't have facebook?

Hi there, I would like to vote participating in “What language should we add next?” but I don’t have facebook… Is it possible give an opportunity to vote also to who doesn’t have facebook?
Thank you.

brava cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

LingQ has always refused to create a different polling system.

@hape: I already told Cheese they have refused to create another system, but she wanted to give it a try…

Yes, as what he said, I heard it…but found absolutely incongruous exclude the all people who don’t have facebook.

I’m really disappointed with this inconvenience… I have enrolled in LingQ but not in Facebook and I have my personal reasons if I would not want to register for Facebook.

How about creating an account with fake info and a different email address? You don’t have to use the account.

I already suggested that…

It seems that you missed the point, why do I need to create a fake account on purpose just to be able to vote? Facebook is nothing to do with a member of Lingq:).

Cheese , you are missing the point of the poll. LingQ has always said the poll’s primary purpose was to spread the word about LingQ. Facebook is a tool for doing that.

Exactly. LingQ will never be able to advertise and expand if they choose to be a closed community.

If the primary purpose of the polls was to spread the word, then why bother with making the poll available on the website, also? When I sign in to use a website (and on top of that, hate to say this but I pay for it), I expect to be able to take part in EVERY activity without the need of a supplementary account. The point is not making another account, the point is being able to take part in your activities, since I do pay. If I had wanted a Facebook account, I would have already had one. So, the point is, why should I not be able to take part in a poll on a website whose services I pay, only because I disagree with having an unwanted account I’d probably use just to vote for this poll? I’m not telling you to stop using Facebook, only, to make EVERY user able to use the website fully, and with just the LingQ account.

I have already said: I have my reasons that I don’t want Facebook.

Facebook is free and there are no problems to using it just to vote for the next language. I can’t see any problem.

@Cheese - We would love to have a polling system that works on both LingQ and Facebook. It is not that we don’t want to have a poll on LingQ but rather that we don’t have the time to devote to building our own polling system. Especially since it is not that easy to build a system that people can’t try and game. In fact, we used a few other polling systems before settling on Facebook and those did allow people to cheat the polls and were therefore not effective. However, Facebook has polling built in and enables us to hopefully spread the word about LingQ a little bit. A lot of people are on Facebook or can create dummy accounts just to vote if they really want to. As in many things, we had to compromise on a solution that works for the majority. We are sorry it isn’t convenient for you. Perhaps you can ask a friend who is a Facebook member to register your vote for you.

“then why bother with making the poll available on the website, also?”

Not sure what you mean. Please look at the plans on the Account page. I do not see polling or Facebook mentioned anywhere

@Mark- Thanks for your kind reply Mark!
I didn’t mean to be rude, I only wanted to keep being an active member of your community - maybe polls mean nothing else but advertising to you, but in my opinion, they’re a great instrument to express my opinion, and I wanted to be able to use them fully. I hope that, as soon as possible, you will make a poll system available for those who don’t use Facebook, then.

I’m with Cheese.

I would like to vote as well, and I am a paid member, and I don’t like being told to sign up for another site just to do this.

I don’t have a facebook account, don’t need one, don’t want one, never have, never will. I don’t want to have anything to do with the facebook site.

But I would like to vote for a language.

Maybe paying members can just send their vote as an email to admin, and it can be added?

I would love to see tagalog as a language here.

"Maybe paying members can just send their vote as an email to admin, and it can be added? "

Sounds like a good compromise… but, assuming the issue with Facebook is privacy, and assuming the email accounts of most members are free Gmail or Yahoo and the like… I see a contradiction in the reasoning about not signing up for Facebook

That poll with the 1,000 barrier is now almost a fiction anyway.

@iaing - Thank you iaing, may be we can gather signatures ha ha=).
@eugrus -Unfortunately, nowadays who against the current become more and more hard to live.

Google is by far a greater evil than Facebook.