Pong :wink:

But is this room smoking or non-smoking?

A real chatroom would be much cooler. Comon LingQ:

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Not sure if you can smoke in here…but the bar is definitely open.

kimojima style

I haven’t seen his post lately. Ba dum tss! Thank you very much folks. I’ll be here all night. Try the veal! And remember to tip your servers

Dentists - who loves them?

I can never forget this scene whenever I’m in the dentist’s chair, for some reason.

(Just sayin…)

At least it’s free of charge :))

Yeah well, last time I was at the dentist the sonavabitch charged me almost 500 Pounds! (probably about 600-650 Euro.)

500 pounds ? You should’ve went to Hungary because I’ve heard it’s very cheap there ( and the dentists are well trained) .

Man everyone is going to charge more and more til nothin’ is left I tell ya .

I’m afraid to go to the dentist in Switzerland. Really… afraid. I might just walk out poor. I can’t even imagine what a cleaning cost here… good motivation to floss twice a day

Dentists are, for me, like traffic wardens, estate agents and politicians.(Some professions naturally attract menschlicher Abschaum, IMO.)


In the morning, when I’m stone sober, will this thread seem strange, I wonder?

Last time I was sober… man I felt bad. Worst hangover that I ever had. It took 6 hamburgers and scotch all night, nicotine for breakfast just to put me right

Let me say quietly that I also would like to see a LingQ chatroom and that one day we will have one. We are working slowly to improve all aspects of the site. I believe that spontaneous chatting in a foreign language has potential. I don’t know how many people would take part. At any case, it is something we have talked about, but it is not high on the priority list right now. But we will get there.

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Chatroom + LingQ = foreign language chatroom that integrates the LingQ highlighting function? Think about it.

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Yeah, I too thought about that… that would be interesting

The pope… man of the year. Seriously? Did Time Magazine really not have any other better choices? This pope… who thinks capitalism is evil.

How are you doing, my fellow moral degenerates?^^

I hope you’re not referring to what I was saying on ‘‘my forum’’ ? :)))