The app for android


I would like to know if the app for Android is available now.

Thank you.

In my opinion the name should be changed from iLingQ to LingQ to make the search doable.

I downloaded this app but when I have the message : tap to refresh and nothing happens. I can’t see the lessons that I have studied on the site.

I think there is a problem with the Samsung S3 and Lingq because when I go on the site with my smartphone the different screens go in all directions.

@salba - please wait just a little! We are about to release a new full-featured app for Android!

Around what date will the Android app be updated, the old one is kinda hard to use

@Esaabdual - we don’t want to jinx it, but, honestly, very, very soon! Stay tuned!

Wonderful, thank you very much.

I like the new app design, and though I’ve yet to really play around on it, I’ve noticed one problem:

When the app loads “My Courses” some of my courses are missing. Hitting the reload icon doesn’t load the courses I want to read on my commute.

Just wanted to make sure you’re aware of this issue

@tkalee - thanks for your feedback! You should see all the courses that you see on the Learn page in the web version (not My Lessons). Are they the same?

Yeah… I downloaded the app update today as well. I must say I was pretty disappointed when I opened a lesson to only see plain white text… none of my created yellow LingQs and none of the new words highlighted in blue. I’ve been under the impression for a while that they only do minimal testing before releasing these things. This only reinforces that view. I wish they would just take a half hour and open up a lesson in every supported language before releasing the app. Issues like this could be avoided.

I’d give my impressions of the rest of the app but why bother when the most important part of the app is broken? Please fix the Japanese lesson page in the app.

@cgreen0038 - I’m really sorry about this. I’ve spent countless hours testing the app trying to make sure everything is in good working order. There’s really no way to ensure a release is 100% free of issues, and unfortunately you’ve happened upon one that significantly affects Japanese learners. I pulled up some lessons and it appears to only be affecting certain words, and only in Japanese. In retrospect I should have gone through every language to test multiple lessons and make sure everything is working properly, but with limited time on my hands it just isn’t realistic to expect to be able to encounter every issue. It’s been a hectic several weeks finishing things up and trying to get the app ready for our internal launch date of May 26th.

What I can say is that I’ve added this to the list for our 3.0.1 release which will be on the way very soon. Fortunately Google Play doesn’t require an approval process before publishing apps, so as soon as the 3.0.1 release is ready I’ll publish it and you will be able to update shortly thereafter.

Hi @galina – sorry, but the lists on the web and app versions are different, with three of my courses missing from the Android app.

@alex – I see the same issue with the Japanese text as @cgreen0038 does. It’s unfortunate, but kudos for being aware of the issues and all your hard work. Do you have an idea of when the yellow / blue linking will properly sync? As I said, I’m liking the redesign!

Thanks to both for your prompt response!

@tkalee - Thanks for the additional info. We’re going to make a small change to the API method this is using that should hopefully resolve this. Keep an eye out and let us know if it improves with the next version.

Regarding yellow/blue syncing, do you mean the issue that cgreen0038 mentions above? If so, it’ll definitely be fixed in our next update that should be launched later this week.

A few things I’ve noticed this morning with the new App:

  1. I’m not getting the same courses on the my courses tab in the app as the courses in the Learn Page (Web Version). There are about 6 that are missing. TBH I don’t want to just be able to see the lessons I’ve recently viewed in the app, I want to view all my lessons as I re-read them after a set period of time.
  2. My playlists have disappeared which has really annoyed me as I had created a number of them. I’m not sure how to re-create them given I can only view recent lessons. Plus, if I use the add button I’m only able to scroll through all lessons, instead of search, so this it’s going to take me quite a while to find the lessons I want.
  3. When listening to a playlist on my tablet (hudl) if I press the pause button, then press the play button to start it again, instead of resuming from where it stopped it returns back to the start of the audio.
  4. I’ve created a playlist on my phone (Samsung S3) but when I click play nothing plays. The lessons in the playlist all have -1% next to them. If I click into the lessons to see the text, the audio plays so the audio has downloaded it’s just not playing in the playlist.
  5. When reading a new lesson I noticed that some unknown words weren’t highlighted blue in the app but show correctly in the web version:
    Dropbox - Screenshot 2014-05-28 09.55.37.png - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - Screenshot_2014-05-28-09-55-22.png - Simplify your life

My LingQ app updated automatically. Is there a way for me to revert back to the previous version?

@alex – Yes, the yellow/blue syncing issue is the same as @cgreen0038 reported. When I make links on the web, they don’t appear in the Android app, where most of the text is white. Sadly, I don’t know that many Japanese words :slight_smile:

@lebowskii_98 - Thank you for the detailed report. I’ve noted down all these issues and we’ll work at resolving these. Unfortunately playlists won’t carry over from the previous version. If you do want to downgrade back to 2.4.4 temporarily you can do so by going to Settings > Apps > LingQ and then pressing “Uninstall Updates”. I think that should allow you to move back to the previous version.

We’ll do our best to get these issues resolved very soon!

@tkalee - OK, sounds good. Should be fixed soon!

@alex Thanks for the reply Alex. There doesn’t appear to be an option to uninstall updates, just one to uninstall the whole app. Is it possible upload the old apk file somewhere, temporarily, so I can install the old version?

@lebowskii_98 - Ah, I see. Sure, that’s not a problem. Just send me an email (alex [at] and I’ll send you the old .apk file.