I am trying to learn Thai at the moment, and would love to see that language on Lingq. Any chance of that happening?




Sorry, sendaiben. No Thai and no plans to add it soon. We hope to have all languages eventually but it won’t be for a while.

I am learning Thai to… to bad no plans on LinQ



Still very interested in Thai :slight_smile:

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If you are still interested in Thai, we can talk or chat together. I am from Thailand, my purpose to join LINGQ is to practice my English skills but If you really interested in Thai I wonder if I can help.

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After having lived in Thailand almost a year, I’ve been using various resources online to learn Thai. I was hoping to find it on LingQ, but it seems it may still be a while. I look forward to hearing any updates.

@robbpjr - Why not get a bunch of your friends to vote for Thai on the Facebook poll then? You could be studying Thai on LingQ as early as next month without too much effort…but it currently doesn’t have much of a following. Promote it on Facebook and other social networks or forums. See if you can get people to vote it up! -

But Mark! Does the script work?? :slight_smile: I’ll vote for it now if it does!

I can’t say that it won’t work. I’m not aware of anyone who has actually tried Thai on LingQ. Is it written left to right? If it won’t work, we obviously won’t add it.

Left to right. I’ll test it out for you when I wake up (about to go to bed). Unless someone else beats me to it, that is.

Also, as a guide:

The only languages that are currently written right to left are:

Arabic and anything using its script (Urdu, Farsi and many others)
Hebrew based (Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic and some others)
Thaana and

The first two being most pressing, but as we’ve seen it’s not just a matter of that as some LTR langs don’t work either. I’m guessing that Thai won’t work as it’s similar to Devanagari in structure. This will also apply to quite a number of other scripts of India and South East Asia. (Tamil, Bengali, Burmese, Khmer and quite a few others.)

Thanks Mark. I’ll see what I can do.

Ok, so from what I’ve learned from testing Thai is: it’s absolutely not going to work here.

Thai seems to join many words together when written, only occasionally having gaps. Something similar to Chinese I believe. If I put one single string in, it’s loads but I can’t do anything with it, of course. If I import more than 1 string in a lesson, I get a 505 error.

Sorry to have to report that. Certainly LingQ needs to move beyond East Asian and European languages. I know, it will all happen in good time. :slight_smile:

p.s. If I knew how to code, I’d do it for LingQ for free, just to see these scripts supported! haha

Don’t want to write Thai. Most foreigner only know how to speak Thai.
Don’t want to study Finnish. The grammar is so hard to be understood.

I don’t think anyone will force you to learn them, Peter.

I want to study Thai and will learn to speak and write.
I want to study Finnish. I enjoy difficult grammar.


I study Thai now, but there are nothing same like Lingq. And yes, I learn to speak and write.

So, why not make a new “Beta Language” for Thai ?


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You must find 1,000 people who vote for it on the Facebook poll:

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This is my only real “grief” about this website : I can not study Thai on Lingq ! :frowning:

For those who are interested, I have found some interesting resources on the internet to study Thai. Feel free to contact me !

I don’t have a facebook account so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Irish is on the poll? And how many votes it has?

59 votes for Irish as of now. Modern Greek and Romanian are leading with 129 and 128 votes respectively.
You could create a blank Facebook account just to vote, as some LingQ members did, or ask your friends to vote.
If you could help me gather support for all the other European languages, it would be much appreciated!