Thai on LingQ?

How many mini stories are ready for Thai? I’d really like to know how the process is going as Thai was planned to be released with Lingq 5.0. Last time I heard that there weren’t enough mini stories yet for the release, but I think it’s still useful having a language available since you can import your own material and use LingQs translation and the possibility of saving words.


I too would like to know


We won’t be adding a new languages before we have all 60 Mini Stories and grammar guide ready for it.
At the moment, we are looking into re-recording some of the stories in Thai, to get better quality. Not sure where exactly we stand with it, I’ll need to check with our content team, but hopefully we will have Thai good to go in the near future.


I’m looking forward to its release.



Me, too. :smiley:

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Hi, we have only 20 stories. Thai can be added if we receive high quality audio and text for the rest, and the grammar guide.

Will there be an announcement about the other language’s status on the amount of stories currently? It would be nice to know.

Is there any way how people can help with this? For example ask Thai friends if they‘re willing to record the other stories. How could they be a part of this?

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if you know someone that can help, please email me and I’ll send the instructions and details. sahra @ lingq .com

I made a very similar post a couple years ago and it seems theres been no progress since


Could Lingq not just pay an Italki tutor to record those. Surely, in the grand scheme of things, this should not be too expensive.


That would be ideal, but unfortunately it won’t happen. LingQ management have made it crystal clear that adding additional languages is very low on their list of priorities. Also, the onus is on paying LingQ members to provide the minimum content required, at the customers expense and to LingQ management’s standards.

OK, then the solution is doing a kind of “go fund me” campain on Lingq and have the 50-100 (?) people interested in Thai mutually share the costs. How much would this be? 50$/person? Of course Lingq must guarantee that they will then add Thai and tell people until when it will be included.

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That is certainly a valid option. However, I am confident LingQ would reject any blanket guarantee. I remember reading the post on adding Vietnamese and there was an example of one of the mini stories. To the untrained ear the recording was clear and the voice pleasant to listen to but it was still rejected anyway. Hate to be a buzz-kill but it won’t happen until LingQ management want it to happen. Sorry.

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Hi LeonD, which example are you referring to?

Hi Sahra,
Below is a copy of the original post. Unfortunately, when I used the cut and paste function the voice recording didn’t transfer. If it helps it‘s one of the posts in the “Any news on Vietnamese mini stories?” thread.

1 month, 3 weeks ago
This is not good enough quality? This is Story 1 that you sent me a year ago. Maybe you can survey the learners on LingQ and see if they find it to be tolerable enough or not. This is very clear for me to understand and follows the script very clearly. I don’t think it will be difficult for others to use it. It is comparable to what I find in Vietnamese textbooks.
Do you mean you want it to be consistently the same accent from one audio recording to the next, or do you mean that you want higher quality microphones…?
Most of us are listening to recordings from textbooks like this or similar. In addition, some of us are using Youtube videos to learn from, which often do not use audio quality that is higher than this. Often, it’s much worse! If you compare it to other Vietnamese videos on Youtube, it is very comparable or better. Here are some examples:
- YouTube (TV channel)
Hài Kịch "Môn Đăng Hộ Đối" | PBN 103 | Chí Tài, Hoài Tâm, Việt Hương, Hương Thủy - YouTube (Paris by Night, a very popular Vietnamese show recorded usually in USA)
Bản tin thời sự tiếng Việt 12h - 03/06/2022| VTV4 - YouTube (Government-funded news. Audio quality is similar to attached)
RAP VIỆT Tập 11 | Dế Choắt, 16 Typh, Hydra, AK49, Thành Draw, Đạt Dope quyết đấu cực căng - YouTube (Popular Rap show in Vietnamese)
Bà Tân Vlog - Làm Cốc Cacao Sữa Đá Siêu To Khổng Lồ 50 Lít Giải Nhiệt Mùa Hè - YouTube (Popular cooking channel in Vietnamese)
I don’t think that anyone who is asking for Vietnamese and who is used to the Vietnamese media available will find disappointment in the previously recorded audio tracks, such as the one attached. I hope you will reconsider this. You can always upload it/add it to the site and then update it later on. It’s better to have something rather than nothing.

Its surprising to me, given the fact that thai is a reasonably in demand language, that I think many learners would jump at any opportunity to have a lingq style system to bridge the gap between maani books(beginner) and pantip (native) - theres really nothing out there.
Lingq need to get on the many thai language forums/fb groups. So many teachers on there that im sure will help…

This made me laugh, but the sad reality is; seems like its the only way

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Looking forward :slight_smile: