Test Your Language!

We often get requests for a way to test your level. Now you can with our new language proficiency test. It’s a fun way to measure your ability in a number of different languages.

So far the test offers English for Spanish, French, Russian, German and Portuguese speakers as well as Spanish, French, Russian, German and Portuguese for English speakers. If it’s popular, we may add more language pairs in the future.

Give it a try and let us know how you did! Better yet, if you like it, please make sure to share it with your friends on your favourite social networks.

You can find the test here:

Enjoy and good luck!


Nothing for me to use :frowning:
No Italian. Not even English :frowning:

Took the test in French-- that was fun.

It says i know 22,000 words and that i am at about advanced 1. This sounds about right (i would put me one step lower perhaps intermediate because i guessed at some of the grammar).

This tests reminds me of something i already know-- I need to make more words known (i mainly LingQ and rarely put a word as known, even cognates). And occassional grammar work would be somewhat beneficial.


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Hmmm,… Captivating:) I just finished English language test for Spanish language speakers, and I’ve got only 3 mistakes:)

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Really good idea, it would be nice to have this for Japanese and other languages indeed ! However I found some questions to be a bit weird : In addition to English I also did test my French (my mother tongue) as if I was a native English speaker and even if I made no mistakes, sometimes the questions felt a bit odd and unnatural.

Anyway I got an adv1 in English :slight_smile:
Good initiative !

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That’s all the mistakes you can make, three strikes and you’re out :wink: Glad you liked it.


It will probably have some things that can be improved, that’s why we are trying it out on you guys first. It’s a lot of fun though. At least I think so :slight_smile:

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Grammar is not fun, and this test is meant to be fun :wink: You will have to practice your grammar elsewhere :wink: Remember to share it with your friends.

Oh nooo… Maybe we will add Italian later on. Depends on how popular it is.

Intermediate 1 for German for me. Es war mein lieblings fach in der schule aber…that was 30 years ago. It estimated 7,000 words which is a little ambitious for me after 30 years but maybe if I studies for a few months I’d get back to that level.
Good fun though, thanks.

Yes it is, and the idea is great ! :slight_smile:

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Ahh, I had no idea about 3 mistakes only:) I do’t remember now, but I think, it was approximately 3 mistakes out of 15 questions. Still not bad:)

Thanks for giving it a try :slight_smile:

Not bad at all - Good to hear.

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I like how when I take the Spanish test as an English native speaker, I get 32500 known words, but when I take the English test as a Spanish speaker, I only get 17000. o.O


It is a nice test, perhaps is too short.
I just did and I got intermediate 1 (5000 words) for English and advanced 1 (22000 words) for Portuguese. By the way, both results are wrong. I found that some questions were a bit strange, there were even one that 3 out of 5 answers were indeed correct for Portuguese.

Terrific idea! I am interested in Italian. Thanks!

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Italian would be great!


Nice new addition to the web site. Many people ask in the forum about their level. I did the test for Russian and it gave an accurate result. Perhaps adding a “not sure” answer will give more accurate results (remove points from guessing).

See? It’s popular!
Give us Italian!

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