Tag function no longer available?!

It’s been about 24 hrs since tag function is not available anymore, I looked around in the forum, it seems like it has happened before, it would be very much appreciated if it was returned.

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Check out the Rooster Observer web extension,

Tags are there to edit.

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It might be a bug. I would like it back, too, please. Thank you!

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It’s back!
thanks to the support team

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Yes! Thank you, LingQ Support Team!! it’s back. Yay!

P.S. It took a bit longer than when Dr.HHS replied that it was working, so it might take longer for some if you don’t see it back yet.

I can no longer save phrases at all, in addition to LingQ’s.

How regularly do these bugs occur?

Should be fixed now, yes! Thanks for reporting the issue everyone.

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Sorry for bringing it up again, but it hasn’t been working since yesterday!