Stop adding words to known upon lesson completion

I’m not the only one who would benefit from an undo button, nor am I someone who wouldn’t benefit from the button being moved. Or maybe I didn’t read that correctly.

Anyway, I would be totally grateful if the button is moved; it was even one of my suggestions (others also suggested it), and I think it would make this whole problem pretty much go away. It’s a great idea!

Thanks again for taking the time to consider everyone’s feedback on this issue.


This behaviour is one of the reasons I’ve cancelled my premium membership.

This plus the response to this simple request is why I won’t be resubscribing with a new account, like I had planned.

I have far too many known words that I don’t know, making my LingQ near unusable for learning. I tried resetting one language, but it deleted all the words, rather than setting them all to blue.

So I decided to create a new account, where I could start afresh without paging marking everything as known, and use LingQ the way that I want to, as we are encouraged to do.

Now I find that one misclick, or forgetting a button’s unobvious behaviour, will make a mess of my account again. And that this will never be fixed. Not even with a check box, like paging has been.

LingQ has great features, but it’s also really frustrating to use. I could live with that when I had hope the frustrations would improve. I’m not sure I can now.